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Hello again past, present and future readers,

As I mentioned in my earlier blog, in 2012 I made 21 of my 23 novels previously published through several mainstream publishing houses available on In late 2012 I began to publish my suspense and young adult fiction as an Indie author. And while my career has taken a turn from romance to suspense and time travel mysteries I have decided to also take the time and effort to answer both an old and new reader request, making the books available as several collections.Earlier today I was pleased to announce that I am taking the 21 novels and grouping them in a collection of books. I believe this is a good solution to reader queries and requests.

The books are being separated into 9 different collections of similar sub-genres and reader interest. Remember these are the original full length unabridged books. All of the collections of either two or three books each, are published direct to the reader at a price that will save them money. It is the start of the summer reading season so enjoy!

This morning it was Men In Uniform and now here is a brief blurb for the second romance collection, Best Of The West.


Many fans have requested that I offer boxed sets of my romance novels, so I have grouped them into categories that share themes.  This one I’ve titled Best of the West because the two novels take place in the modern-day Wild West states of Colorado and Montana.  Goodbye Desperado and Cody’s Last Stand were two of my favorites, partly because they both have lots of horses, but mostly because the two heroes are super-sexy macho studs.  For those of you who love sensual, but emotional love stories, I think you’ll enjoy spending some time with Matt Montana and John Cody. 

Summer Reading Season 2013

Four Books, Two Best Selling Authors

#1  A women’s fiction about making mistakes and fighting for what feels right.

Price $0.00.

May 30th – June 3rd 

What do you do when the choice you made was the wrong one?  During the war, Jeff Hawkins’s tenderness had been nurse Angela’s sanctuary from the horrors of Vietnam, and his passion had been their salvation. But Jeff had been wounded long before a bullet brought him to the EVAC hospital.  Fearless, with nothing to lose, Jeff was the kind of soldier to whom they awarded Purple Hearts . . . posthumously.  Years later, when he encountered Angela again at a veterans’ reunion, she could no longer pretend that the madness of war had triggered their brief, all-consuming alliance.  Could they have a second chance?  Or had she forfeited any claim to Jeff’s love when she did the unforgivable . . . married his best friend?  Not all wounds are visible . . . and not all wounds can be healed by the soft touch of a nurse’s hands.  But Angela knew he was worth fighting for . . . and Jeff was tired of fighting.

This book received –

  • The Romantic Times Special Winner of the “ROMANTIC TIMES” Reviewer’s Choice Award for Series Romance
  • Finalist in the Romance Writers of America Golden Choice Award.ANGEL OF MERCY COVER

#2  A 20th century general fiction. A FINALIST – THE BEST INDIE BOOK COMPETITION OF 2013 with the price reduced to $0.99 through May 31st is Life’s What Happens.

This is some of the story behind the antiwar movement and the hatred of the Vietnam era vets. John Lennon had it right!  Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. Ten years before John Lennon’s death life happened to nine fraternity brothers at Kent State University.

Their lives, and the lives of a million others, were forever changed.  They start their senior year at Kent State University year full of hope and promise, busy with their classes, their buddies and their girlfriends.  But the Vietnam War and the Federal Government’s new draft lottery to back-fill the lost men and women in the most unpopular war in U.S. history is approved on Thanksgiving eve when no one was watching.  For millions, Vietnam took away their options and forced them to change their plans.  Instead of choosing a career they are making a life and death decision.

.Life's What Happens REVISED COVER - Copy

#3 -The first two books in the time travel mystery series, CUL8R, are on Amazon for 99 cents each!

Book #1, OMG the mystery happens back in 1966. and Book #2, BRB [Be Right Back], takes place in 1980

OMG eBook 3        BRB eBook Cover 2

#4 – What happens in Nashville gets written about…Go to Nashville, back stage passes and tour bus seat included for $0.00

Wait until you hear about the weekends of 6/6 – 6/10 and 6/13 – 6/17!  You can spend your weekends in Nashville, back stage and on the road with the Day sisters.  What really happens backstage, off stage and on the tour bus.

Another Sunny Day Cover          Golden Days Cover

Summer reader? Then start it off right and cheap!


Start your summer reading season off with a sale! Mystery series on sale starting TONIGHT.

The CUL8R Time Travel Mystery Series has two books going on sale tonight until the end of May.

Book #1 is OMG [Oh My God]
OMG eBook 3

Kelly, a teenager from Texas has recently been orphaned and sent to live in Florida with her aunt Jane, a busy lawyer. Right away Kelly meets her tall, nerdy neighbor Scott, and they bond over a shared love of a video games and a mysterious gadget they find in Aunt Jane’s garage.

The gadget turns out to be a lost invention of Thomas Edison’s called the “Telephone to the Dead”. The mystery begins when Scott gets the Spirit Radio to work and a girl named Wendy comes through, pleading for help . . . from beyond the grave. Is Wendy a ghost? And if she didn’t kill herself, who did? Kelly, Scott and his best friend Austin must find a way to go back to 1966 to help her . . . without getting killed.
Well plotted and fast paced. Martha Bryce
The best time-travel novel I’ve read yet, and I hope there’s more to come. A big thumbs up! C
WOW! I’ve been thinking about that book for a week now since I finished reading it. It kept me engrossed with intelligent writing, depth of characters and a fast pace. Overall, a very satisfying novel. Jasmine

Find OMG starting Memorial Day evening on Amazon.

Book #2, BRB [Be Right Back]
BRB eBook Cover 2

“It’s difficult to investigate a crime that hasn’t happened yet.”

Kelly, Scott, Austin and Zoey have just returned from changing a girl’s life in 1966 and are a little battered and bruised from their adventure. But when a small voice pleads for their help to save her family from a murderer, they know they must respond.
They research the story, but there is very little information to be found. All they know is that it takes place on Crystal Key, a small private island off the Florida Keys. Since it appears to be deserted, they decide to pop in, gather clues, then pop back. It was a good excuse to spend a lazy day on a beautiful beach.
But from the first step, their journey back to 1980 goes horribly wrong. The area is crawling with drug traffickers and tens of thousands of refugees fleeing Cuba. They meet the young girl and her family, but their intervention puts them in the direct path of the killer.
Can they find out who he is in time to save the girl, her family . . . and themselves? Or are they destined to be a madman’s latest victims?

“It’s an exciting mystery with plenty of surprises to keep you guessing.” Danielle Marie

“The “CUL8R” series stands out and shines as something unique that manages to mix fantasy with realistic characters and situations.” Erica Lucas

“I literally could not put this book down.” K. J. Pierce

Find BRB starting Memorial Day evening on Amazon

And before school starts back in the fall or the end of the summer depending on the schedule, latitude and attitude, Book #3, BION [Believe It OR Not] will be released. This is the first time of the characters in the series finds themselvesBION eBook 1 in a serious romance. Here’s the cover.

Recent Awards

It doesn’t happen every day so a minute of self recognition on recent awards.

First, The Denver AFter Dark SUspense Series won The Best Indie Book for 2013 award for book #1, After Midnight.

Also from The Best Indie Book Awards for 2013, first place in the Young Adult went to the CUL8R Time Travel mystery Series.

OMG also recieved a finalist award from the Beverly Hills Book Awards for 2013:

And finally, the General Fiction story Life’s What Happens, the story of college students in 1969 and how their lives were impacted by the Vietnam military and student unrest at Kent State, was a finalist in that category at The Best Indie Book Awards for 2013.
BIB LIFES Small Medallion Life's What Happens NEW GIRL

Writing can be a solitary life so receiving an award when thousands of entries were submitted is just awesome. We took some writing breaks over the past six weeks and constructed for lack of a better term Author’s Pond. So creativity, plotting, character development and scene setting al happens in a great environment with a great co-writer, Kathy, and a fine glass of wine. By the way, wine fineness is a direct function of book sales which is correlated with book quality which is…never mind. Think this is a tax deduction? Likely not.
Author's pond
Come on down!

Paper to Pixels #2.0 – One More Thing Before…

I know, Paper to Pixels is supposed to be blog about my personal journey from writing books with hammer and chisel to a arc from paper to eBooks. But you have to understand that the only journey that goes in a straight line is one that involves jumping off something really high up and without a parachute. I’m not going to do that. So before I get back into the story of how I have moved from paper to eBooks and go through how to get 11,600 free book giveaways over a weekend for Starting Over and that kind o thing, i have to address the burning question, WHAT’S YOUR RIGHT TIME TO WRITE?. Starting Over is at or can be ordered on Amazon at .

This is important! At least to me and is likely to you as well. Read on and see for yourself. All the books on my website, were written at night…hence nightwriter93. Maybe the 93 will be talked about later.

When are you most creative? Morning? Afternoon? Middle of the night? Speaking for myself, it’s absolutely night time. (You probably could have guessed that from my website I think I’m in the minority, because most people prefer mornings. But I wonder how many people actually know when their right time is to write.

Early in my career, I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with Janet Dailey. I loved her books, respected her business decisions and envied her career. She was one of the first Harlequin authors to set her novels in America (one in each state), create strong, age-appropriate female characters and to write under her own name instead of a pen name (which Harlequin adamantly opposed because she eventually went on to write for other publishers and carry her fans with her). But what I found interesting was that she told me she always got up early (five or six a.m.) and locked herself in her office until she had written a specific number of pages. Her husband would bring her coffee and food, but she stuck to it until she had reached her goal. Then she walked out of her office and spent the rest of her day with her horses. That sounded ideal to me since I needed the discipline and I love horses.
Except when I tried to write in the morning, I found myself staring out the window, dusting the furniture, re-alphabetizing the books on the shelves, playing on-line video games, etc. Not a creative thought entered my mind or made it to the page.

When my kids were young, I tried writing during the day while they were at school, but the phone would ring, groceries had to be bought and there were a million things to distract me. I would read through what I had written and realize it was crap. Pages of disjointed, clichéd crap, totally lacking in a heartbeat.

I’m not sure how it happened, but I tried writing at night, not sitting down to my computer until the kids were all in bed. The fingers flew, the words filled the pages, the characters blossomed and took over the story, just as they should. It was almost an out-of-body experience. The next day I would read what I had been written and be amazed. Things happened and characters had conversations that I honestly didn’t remember writing. I had clearly found my right time to write.

Since then, I don’t even try to write while the sun is up. Maybe I’m a new breed of vampire, but without the superhuman strength and thirst for blood. I’m lucky because I’m at a point in my career where I have the freedom to arrange my schedule according to my deadlines. However, I do all my editing during the day when my creative brain is asleep and my logical, analytical brain is wide awake.

I’ve talked to some of my friends about this discovery and realized that while they weren’t fellow night writers, they had found their own sweet spot during the day when their creative juices flowed best. Others continued to write to a schedule, and to be perfectly honest, when I read their books I can see the structure and the discipline rather than lose myself in the story. I don’t think they’ve found their creative time.

Of course, there are those who don’t have a choice and believe it’s better to write something at an off time than to right nothing at a right time. Those of you who are forced to work your writing in around a job or family responsibilities, you have to do what you have to do. But listen to your creative soul and find your right time. It’s better to write two pages that flow from your guts than twenty pages that are mechanical and dull. If possible, re-arrange your schedule to allow for a writing window or save yourself for your days (or nights) off to make the magic happen.

Experiment and see what works for you. Everyone’s brains cycle in patterns, so first you have to find your time. Then get to work.

One more thing…the CUL8R Teen Time Travel Mystery Series will be having a second book added to book #1, OMG, in April. Look for BRB in all the usual places….

CUL8R First 2 covers

C’ya next time…

Paper to Pixels 1.5 – The 7 Rules for Time Travel

This is simply a opportunity before next week’s Paper to Pixels Biweekly blog to pass along the answer to some questions we have gotten.

As several reviewers have mentioned one important element of the time travel process was the establishment of time travel rules. So here they are from OMG.

7 Time Travel Rules. Don’t leave home without them.

Kelly began to read the contract out loud. “We the undersigned do hereby agree to the following time travel rules:
1. We will do nothing during or after our time travel missions that would cause any personal gains, i.e. stock market, collectible toys and comic books.
2. We will not take anything with us not critical to the success of the mission to the past or anything from the past to the present day.
3. We also agree not to change anything of significance that would alter historical events.
4. We agree not to tell anyone that this technology exists or about any of our missions and this includes our family.
5. We will use this technology only to help other people and not for frivolous or personal means.
6. We will interact as little as possible with people from the past so as to not create any suspicion.
7. We will always travel together.


PAPER to PIXELS; A Writer’s Journey


This blog will be about the journey of my wife, Kathy Clark. An excellent, creative and successful writer of fiction who sold millions of books in the 1980’s and 1990’s and decided to pursue a writing career in Hollywood and take a few years off. Then she got the bug to create more fictional stories. Great stories with clever and realistic characters that must be told and told in book form. This blog will take you on the journey and keep you posted of the progress that started in 2010 and continues today full steam.

Denver and Parker, Colorado, 2010, Mystery Writers of America. Amazing group of talented authors Kathy met with every month at the ancient Denver Press Club building. The first indoctrination to the ePublishing life. Uh—oh. Where’d the books go anyway? For that matter where did the book stores go that used to the sell those things I have stacked by the room fool on two different rooms in my house? Maybe that’s a good thing! Maybe not having editors, agents, readers, beta readers, proof readers and the other gate keepers and process pipeline orifices will be a good thing. Of course it will.

And maybe Kathy will be better off if she attacked more commercial genres more like the stuff that went into scripts she was writing. After all she won dozens of screenwriting awards so she must be good at those kinds of stories. Sometimes producers even paid her to write scripts. That was cool.

And her fan base? She couldn’t go back to LA, San Diego, Houston, Denver, New York City, New Orleans, London and who knows where else to try to find them all. Did they keep up with the technology? Kathy was on the internet in 1993. Wasn’t everyone? We’ll have to see. Reestablishing her fan base who lost track off her and it also assumes they’re still alive. This will be interesting to find out.

The journey is made interesting when you compare the last book disappeared from the mall bookstores in 1995 and jumping back in to fiction in 2010 meant there are few mall bookstores left and book publishing industry today operates largely without the middlemen and gate keepers of agents, editors, buyers and book sellers. Professional authors and readers all feel that the quality of writing is very uneven. Another task.

So Kathy’s current back list can be found on her author site at The site was so named because that is her peak creative hours most days. There is a young adult or teen time travel mystery series also started and it has its own web site just to keep the R rated stuff from the PG13 stuff better separated.

The CUL8R Teen Time Travel Mystery series can be found at As this is being written, Book #2, BRB is well underway.

Her most recent adult suspense is After Midnight AFTER MIDNIGHT REVISED

The mainstream fiction story I wanted to write and she did 75% of the work on, Life’s What Happens, was published in late 2012. Life's What Happens NEW GIRL

And the teen time travel mystery series, CUL8R, launched at the end of 2012 with book #1, OMG. OMG EBOOK COVER REVISED

Samples and links for all stories on the websites. BRB for Blog #2.