Summer Reading Season 2013

Four Books, Two Best Selling Authors

#1  A women’s fiction about making mistakes and fighting for what feels right.

Price $0.00.

May 30th – June 3rd 

What do you do when the choice you made was the wrong one?  During the war, Jeff Hawkins’s tenderness had been nurse Angela’s sanctuary from the horrors of Vietnam, and his passion had been their salvation. But Jeff had been wounded long before a bullet brought him to the EVAC hospital.  Fearless, with nothing to lose, Jeff was the kind of soldier to whom they awarded Purple Hearts . . . posthumously.  Years later, when he encountered Angela again at a veterans’ reunion, she could no longer pretend that the madness of war had triggered their brief, all-consuming alliance.  Could they have a second chance?  Or had she forfeited any claim to Jeff’s love when she did the unforgivable . . . married his best friend?  Not all wounds are visible . . . and not all wounds can be healed by the soft touch of a nurse’s hands.  But Angela knew he was worth fighting for . . . and Jeff was tired of fighting.

This book received –

  • The Romantic Times Special Winner of the “ROMANTIC TIMES” Reviewer’s Choice Award for Series Romance
  • Finalist in the Romance Writers of America Golden Choice Award.ANGEL OF MERCY COVER

#2  A 20th century general fiction. A FINALIST – THE BEST INDIE BOOK COMPETITION OF 2013 with the price reduced to $0.99 through May 31st is Life’s What Happens.

This is some of the story behind the antiwar movement and the hatred of the Vietnam era vets. John Lennon had it right!  Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. Ten years before John Lennon’s death life happened to nine fraternity brothers at Kent State University.

Their lives, and the lives of a million others, were forever changed.  They start their senior year at Kent State University year full of hope and promise, busy with their classes, their buddies and their girlfriends.  But the Vietnam War and the Federal Government’s new draft lottery to back-fill the lost men and women in the most unpopular war in U.S. history is approved on Thanksgiving eve when no one was watching.  For millions, Vietnam took away their options and forced them to change their plans.  Instead of choosing a career they are making a life and death decision.

.Life's What Happens REVISED COVER - Copy

#3 -The first two books in the time travel mystery series, CUL8R, are on Amazon for 99 cents each!

Book #1, OMG the mystery happens back in 1966. and Book #2, BRB [Be Right Back], takes place in 1980

OMG eBook 3        BRB eBook Cover 2

#4 – What happens in Nashville gets written about…Go to Nashville, back stage passes and tour bus seat included for $0.00

Wait until you hear about the weekends of 6/6 – 6/10 and 6/13 – 6/17!  You can spend your weekends in Nashville, back stage and on the road with the Day sisters.  What really happens backstage, off stage and on the tour bus.

Another Sunny Day Cover          Golden Days Cover