Inside Track To Indie Publishing Workshop

We have been conducting in the Central Texas area a workshop aimed at assisting people to move from writer to published author.  The most recent workshop was help in Round Rock, Texas on January 2, 2014.  This edition of my blog will touch on what we covered and provide some of the slide used to anchor the discussions and to keep us on schedule.

First the contents. 

The workshop is conducted in four modules over seven hours.


  • Indie Market Economics, Growth & Size
  • Definitions & Process  [Compare traditional and Indie, times, activities and money…royalties, royalty statements, etc.]
  • What’s Different & What You Need To Go Indie [Skills, time, costs, where to find the skills needed]
  • The top 15 book sellers, how they compare and overview of Amazon [Selling, book loaning, book borrowing, links to hard / paper back sales, all the ways they promote for you, how they pay, etc.]


  • Assure your success
    • Know your genre and what genres Indie books focus on and how sellers like Amazon present books on line
    • How do Google and Amazon search engines find your book
    • Your book’s plot and the four most common plot structures that sell
    • Amazon’s manuscript technical requirements and how to assure your book fits on Amazon and all the sellers as you write
      • Formatting specifics / how to’s & the never do’s
      • Book contents [Front, body and back matter]
  • Table of Contents
  • ISBN’s


  • The 3 Objectives / Needs for a great book covers
  • A Dozen Book Cover Checklist Items to consider
  • Covers & Color Themes [What do colors mean to readers]
  • Guess The Genre Competition
  • Series Covers [Basic elements and good examples]
  • Using Photos In Covers
  • Back Covers & Spines
  • You Be The Editor
  • Would You Buy This Book?


  • Setting up your account
  • Explain How To Add A book
  • Add A Book Step-By-Step
  • Each Amazon new book field in order
  • What they are
  • Why they are important
  • Monitoring Sales
  • Amazon Promotions You Can Do
  • Demonstration of POD [Selling your Paperbacks through Amazon]
  • Getting Free Help after the workshop
  • Additional workshops

The workshop was a fun, fast and helpful few hours.  Here’s one comment received.

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful seminar yesterday.

I’ve been really stuck in my revising process, but you inspired me yesterday! I have renewed energy to push through and get my first book finished so that I can EASILY publish it myself.  What a gift you shared with me.

Thank you both so much for your willingness to share your knowledge and experience!

The following slides are a sample of the workshop and were provided to attendees

Leader Credentials

Inside Track on Indie Publishing Workshop Topics

Indie Publishing Skill Sets Needed Formatting basics .

Contact info Book Matter Amazon upload process

A sampling of File Type and eReadersTOC 3 TOC 2 TOC 1 Word