Keeping current in your genre and guarding your title

As authors, writing fiction in the present day and even if it involves time travel to the past, it is necessary to stay current with what’s happening with time travel and even if someone is using the title of one of your books. So we scour the internet for both the term “time travel”, which is the core plot of the CUL8R young adult mystery series and another one for OMG, the title of the first book. Yes it is time consuming but what else would a writer do to put off filling the next empty page? Write? Really? With about 6,000 pages of previously published fiction we’ve proven we can produce words. But can we write another 6,000 with the temptations of the internet for research sitting on the desk. But we digress…

The results are fascinating when you can crawl secretly through the global internet focusing on just two ideas. For example, Time Travel is used globally every day!:

• The Huffington Post carried an article on How to Use Time Travel to Succeed Now and in the Future written by Daniel Burrus a Technology Futurist.
• An Entertainment Weekly (blog) ‘Supernatural’ executive producer teases tonight’s time travel episode and … shows how time travel is a staple in the entertainment industry
Science Fiction .com carried an article Bryan Singer Talks Time Travel & More In ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’
We will bring updates on time travel as we scour the earth and back.

The search for OMG brought considerably wider results. These uses of our book’s title [wish we owned that one but we did trademark CUL8R] were very interesting. Examples are:
A Glamour (blog) OMG! This Woman Tried To Kill Her Husband….With Her Vagina!!! To keep this blog at least R rated We’ll leave it to the reader to click the link. If we were not doing young adult though what a murder mystery this would make.
• The site’s article OMG: Inside Fort Bend! Just got down and dirty for a mid-western small town.
• And of course Now Magazine Online article OMG! Justin Bieber denies groping fan at meet and greet event where he tried to turn the heat up in Miami starts to document the decline of the teen star’s popularity following the adage any news is good news.

So we’ll keep our ear to the ground and eye on the screen to keep you up to date with time travel and our CUL8R series book one title, OMG!

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