LIFE’S WHAT HAPPENS; Where have you gone Michael Keaton?

Our award winning book is finishing a promo run on Amazon and is looking to move on to the BIG screen!




Here’s the chapters and the music play list posted on Twitter, GOOGLE +  and Face Book for the last week.

Prologue “Try To Remember [The Kind Of September]” – The Sandpipers

Chapter One “It’s Your Thing” – The Isley Brothers

Chapter Two “Dizzy” – Tommy Roe

Chapter Three “I Got You Babe” – Sonny & Cher

Chapter Four “Mighty Quinn” – Manfred Mann

Chapter Five “Midnight Confessions” – The Grass Roots

Chapter Six “The Monkees Theme” – The Monkees

Chapter Seven “Tired Of Waiting” – The Kinks

Chapter Eight “Those Were The Days” Mary Hopkin

Chapter Nine “Catch The Wind” – Donovan

Chapter Ten “My Way” – Frank Sinatra

Chapter Eleven “Come Together” – The Beatles

Chapter Twelve “Time of the Season” – The Zombies

Chapter Thirteen “Leaving on a Jet Plane” – Peter, Paul and Mary

Chapter Fourteen “Everybody’s Talkin’” – Nilsson

Chapter Fifteen “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do” – Neil Sedaka

Chapter Sixteen “Day Tripper” – The Beatles

Chapter Seventeen “It Takes Two” – Kim Weston

Chapter Eighteen “Bottle of Wine” – The Fireballs

Chapter Nineteen “Bad Moon Rising” – Creedance Clearwater Revival

Chapter Twenty “Kind of a Drag” – The Buckinghams

Chapter Twenty-One “Jumping Jack Flash” – The Rolling Stones

Chapter Twenty-Two “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” – Marvin Gaye

Chapter Twenty-Three “Red Rubber Ball” – The Cyrkle

Chapter Twenty-Four “Always You” – The Sundowners

Chapter Twenty-Five “Na Na Hey Hey [Kiss Him Goodbye]” – Steam

Chapter Twenty-Six “Is That All There Is?” – Peggy Lee

Chapter Twenty-Seven “1-2-3 . . .” – Len Barry

Chapter Twenty-Eight “The Cat In The Window [The Bird In The Sky]” Petula Clark

Chapter Twenty-Nine “We Got To Get Out Of This Place” – The Animals

Chapter Thirty “This Magic Moment” – Jay and the Americans

Chapter Thirty-One “You’ve Got Your Troubles” – The Fortunes

Chapter Thirty-Two “P.S. I Love You” – The Beatles

Chapter Thirty-Three “It’s My Party” – Lesley Gore

Chapter Thirty-Four “Both Sides Now” – Judy Collins

Chapter Thirty-Five “Yesterday’s Gone” – Chad & Jeremy

Chapter Thirty-Six “Worst That Could Happen” – Brooklyn Bridge

Chapter Thirty-Seven “Reflections Of My Life” – The Marmalade

Chapter Thirty-Eight “The Fool On The Hill” – The Beatles

Chapter Thirty-Nine “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” – The Hollies

Chapter Forty “For What It’s Worth (Stop, Hey What’s That Sound)” – Buffalo Springfield

Chapter Forty-One “Good Vibrations” – The Beach Boys

Chapter Forty-Two “98.6” – Keith

Chapter Forty-Three “Up-Up And Away” – The 5th Dimension

Chapter Forty-Four “Easy Come, Easy Go” – Bobby Sherman

Chapter Forty-Five “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” – The Beach Boys

Chapter Forty-Six “Subterranean Homesick Blues” – Bob Dylan

Chapter Forty-Seven “Bridge Over Troubled Water” – Simon and Garfunkel

Chapter Forty-Eight “Something’s Burning” – Kenny Rogers and the First  Edition

Chapter Forty-Nine “One Tin Soldier” – The Original Caste

Chapter Fifty “Last Train to Clarksville” – The Monkees

Chapter Fifty-One “The Beat Goes On” – Sonny & Cher

Chapter Fifty-Two “When I Die” – Motherlode

Chapter Fifty-Three “Things We Said Today” – The Beatles



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Life's What Happens Amazon sized

PRESS RELEASE: University’s All American Quarterback arrested in sexual assault and attempted rape

City police confirmed today the university’s all American quarterback Dante Knight was arrested at an off campus fraternity party and charged with the attempted rape of a guest at the party.  Coach Knight could not be reached for comment concerning his son’s arrest or consequences relative to the team.  Sources say video evidence exists of multiple attacks over the last two years.


That’s some way to start out the explanation of a bonus chapter to a college age romantic suspense novel.

When Kathy Clark and her husband Bob Wernly, co-writer of the contemporary romantic suspense series Scandals released book #2 in the series, Killer Date, the story of three of the Scandals Investigations Agency members was in the background of the main story line of the book.  “We started out with a view of the headline and worked backward to the subplot in the Killer Date book,” Bob discussed the plotting process.  “Our books deal with life as it comes at you every day and this is a part of college life today,” Kathy emphasized.

“We couldn’t let such a rich story go to waste and our readers really wondered what happened to Killeen and Dallas when the agency, during the storyline of Killer Date, was hired to bring the university quarterback to justice for raping the client’s daughter,” Kathy explained.

The Scandals series is set in Austin, Texas and is through the eyes of each of the five children of the agency’s late owner and proves An Inheritance Changes Everything. “The first book is about the setup, who their father was, what happened to him and the background on his college age kids who never knew of him or each other until his estate was settled.  The first book really provided the depth of character and background the reader needs to know to follow each of them in their own book,” Kathy said.

In the first book, Due Dates, Killeen’s life is in shambles.  No job, no home, no boyfriend, her scholarship in jeopardy and a baby on the way has shattered her plans.  A surprise inheritance offers her a second chance.  “The series is structured in a way that after the first book Killeen’s work at the agency is in the background to second book’s storyline which is centered on Reno Marks and their newest client Jenny. But we kept the reader up to speed on milestones in the case being handled by Killeen and Dallas,” Bob explained.

The single bonus chapter goes into life at a university fraternity party where the suspected rapist is the star quarterback.  “This undercover activity was the only way to get the goods on this guy,” Bob said.  “The entire football season hangs in the balance at the school so getting a consensus to investigate the charges was out of the question.”

“What’s really cool is that the members of our Thrill Of Suspense Street Team received this exclusive bonus chapter today as part of their free membership,” Kathy summarized why they did this.

0000scandals01“What’s clear is this story is not about any particular football program, player or story,” Bob wanted to make clear.  “The idea of a press release is not unlike Orson Wells’ War Of The Worlds infamous 1938 radio program.  The myth is it touched off a nationwide hysteria and I don’t think this is anywhere close to that from a believability point of view.”

All of Kathy’s books are available through either through their main author site at or exclusively though Amazon.  A New York Times Best Seller and USA Today recommended author she has received nearly twenty awards in the past two years from a variety of international book competitions.



I’d be curious on your input on the War Of The Worlds approach.

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Time To Lose The NEW ADULT Training Wheels

1 training wheels

I got started in writing due to Janet Dailey.  She was my hero and, to a large degree, my mentor.

But this isn’t about her but rather what she did to romance and what part of history applies to New Adult!  Read on…

I can only dream of having the longevity and talent needed to drive my 3 million romance and women’s fiction book sales to even remotely come close to her 100 million plus in sales.  I don’t think she is given enough credit for all she did to completely change the publishing industry.  Janet was known for adhering to the conventions of romance fiction — one man, one woman, happy ending.  But her books broke the mold because they featured independent women who weren’t simpering virgins waiting for their rich prince to sweep them off their feet, plus they were set in America rather than in the old-world Europe of traditional romances.  Janet was the first American writer published by the Toronto-based Harlequin publishing empire and her new bold changes became the foundation of the industry to this day.

Why do I bring this up?  All genres go through an evolution not unlike the romance genre did starting in the 1980s.  Romance was still always the major plot, but suddenly the characters had real lives with a back story and careers.   The romance (i.e. the man) wasn’t all that defined them.

My husband and I just attended the #TexasWriter’sLeague annual Editors and Agent’s Conference where we paid super close attention to the speakers, discussions and meetings that surrounded the New Adult genre.  I noticed that there is still a lot of confusion about exactly what the NA market is and what the audience wants.  The one thing that is clear is that it is evolving, just as romance did, into something more substantial than just bad boy meets good girl, which has been the norm up to now.

After the Saturday sessions ended and before we got back to working on book #2 in the SCANDALS New Adult Series, KILLER DATE, we set out to see where the evolution in the genre is today. Surprisingly, we found numerous blogs, surveys and discussions about new adult literature and how it is finally moving from books focused on New Adult angst to solid stories where the protagonists are in their new adult sweet spot, age 19 to 25 who have more than just boy troubles.  Why deal with just that one element of the complications of transition that most new adults are going through?

Now we’re talking…don’t just saddle the poor new adult characters with relationship baggage.  Let them actually deal with college, family, jobs, roommates, housing and finances.  Let them struggle, but ultimately survive and succeed in the story.  How “new adults”, born between 1989 and 1996, will propel a story set in 2014 forward is what makes a story great and if told and written well, will deliver a best seller.

Of considerable note I came across the blogging of Lauren Sarner at the #Huffington Post and her 2013 blog on new adult books.  I loved it and it summarized very well all the blogs and reviews and face-to-face discussions I’ve had for long time.  She wrote that “New Adult is a new genre whose target audience is people like me–young twenty-something’s, overwhelmingly of the female variety.  A New Adult book is basically a Young Adult book with sex and cursing thrown in.  A typical plot line features two brooding, damaged souls with damaged pasts (typical examples include characters whose entire families have tragically died, characters who have grown up in abusive homes, characters suffering from manic depression or panic attacks) who meet, sparks fly, and drama ensues. The books are often titled something like “Damaged” or “Broken” or “Smashed with a Sledgehammer”

She notes she may have made that last one up, but she was sure it exists somewhere.

Lauren continued.  “New Adult is a label that is condescending to readers and authors alike.  It implies that the books act as training wheels between Young Adult and Adult.  For the New Adult books that are particularly childish, the label implies that they are a step above Young Adult–which is insulting to the Young Adult books that are far superior.  For the New Adult books that are particularly sophisticated, the label implies that they are not worthy of being considered “adult.”  It’s a lose-lose situation for everyone.”

She closed with a challenge for me, as a writer of three series currently…a YA Time Travel Mystery, New Adult Suspense and Romantic Suspense, and it should be for all writers of the NA genre. Lauren explained, “Books are supposed to expand your world; expose you to people, places, emotions, and ideas you might not otherwise experience.  Suggesting that you need training wheels for such a thing is like suggesting that a child needs training wheels to walk.  You’ve just got to do it.  Good fiction is supposed to hold the mirror up to reality, regardless of the genre–and reality does not have training wheels.”


So my challenge is not how to write a NA novel that is actually an entertaining book where the characters can be brooding or damaged, but there is more going on in their lives than wondering the if boy is going to call.  That was my goal when I created the New Adult SCANDALS series.  Book #1, DUES DATES, has the usual female and male relationship issue, but her life didn’t start and end with him.  They both have baggage, but there’s a real world going on around them that they also have to deal with that adds complications, drama and humor.  A new adult’s life is not just about male/female relationships, but about their relationships with everyone around them.

Now my challenge is crafting the blurb and discussions about DUE DATES to attract the New Adult reader with the typical relationship of brooding, damaged souls, but then capture them with the complications of being a new adult in a complicated world.

That’s why the title of the blog is  …and yes it is a total rip off of the intellectual capital of Lauren #Sarner at the #Huffington Post.  It’s time for the NA genre to move to the next level that deals with young people that are not just defined by romantic relationships, but have dreams and problems and friends and lots of other things impacting their lives.

So I’m proud to be ahead of the curve with of our two training wheel-free NA novels.

Our current New Adult series, SCANDALS, book #1 DUE DATES was released a few months ago.  Find DUE DATES at


An inheritance brought her more than she ever could have imagined…

Killeen Ames has it all…beauty, brains, a college softball scholarship and a rich and handsome boyfriend who has helped to stretch her college funds and fill her social calendar. He is the only boy she ever allowed past second base and now he’s her baby daddy. However, being a father was not in his short-range plans. He graduates, then he splits, leaving Killeen to decide what she wants to do about the pregnancy…and to worry about how she’s going to keep her scholarship. With no marketable skills, no job, no home and medical bills for her and the baby on the horizon, she knows she must move forward. A knock at the door of her boyfriend’s apartment changes the game forever when an attorney gives her the news of an inheritance from an unknown dead relative and another due date looming.

After traveling to Austin, Killeen walks into the meeting and is surprised to find out that the relative was actually her birth father, and he had been a popular music star who recently died of an overdose. Even more shocking are the four strangers who share the same absentee dad. He has left them a highly successful private investigation agency, Scandals. The catch is…they have to make the commitment to work there.

Their introduction to the P.I. business almost gets them killed when a bomb goes off in the warehouse that sends Killeen to the hospital. She has kept the secret of her pregnancy from everyone, including Christopher, the totally irresistible manager of Scandals. Their hot night of wild sex in the office was a one-time thing…right? She chalks up her attraction to him as just raging hormones. They have no chance of a future together. He’s gorgeous, intelligent and successful. He would never want anyone with so much baggage.

Christopher has a secret of his own. He’s been investigation the possibility that, despite popular opinion, their father’s death hadn’t been an accidental overdose. He thinks it was murder.

Even though the five siblings still haven’t accepted the fact that they have a father who made no attempt to be a part of their lives, they join together to discover the truth about his death. The search throws Killeen and Christopher together and their passion grows hotter. As her feelings for him slowly become more serious, she knows she must tell him about the baby.

After a fun day in the sun, an event happens that outs Killeen’s secret. Christopher, as expected, doesn’t take the news well. But they must continue to work together to track down a killer, especially since the killer has now focused on them.

Someone doesn’t want them to stay and take over the business. In fact, someone wants them all dead and now the decision on whether or not to be a part of the agency seems very unimportant compared to the job of trying to stop from being killed.

They set up a trap that goes terribly wrong. Suddenly, Killeen must make a big decision. Who should she save? Her baby? Christopher? Her new brothers and sisters? Their lives are in her hands.

Due Dates is the first book in the Scandals New Adult series of romantic suspense. Each book of the series will focus on one of the offspring of Roger Elliott, a famous musician who left them with a legacy they weren’t expecting. Killer Date, the second book in this series will be released in Summer, 2014 and will tell Reno’s story.


Life’s What Happens is a 1969-1970 story told in flashback, where the super bowl of angst plays out and life in college when failing a course could land you in a war on the other side of the planet, brooding, sparks and romance flew in between classes, relationships, graduation, career planning and finding draft loopholes that would soon be shut.  Find Life’s What Happens on all the usual book seller sites including Amazon at

Life's What Happens Amazon

AMAZON Book Editor Selection for Book Of The Month {x 10!}

Yogi Berra once said “you can observe a lot by just looking”…or something like that.

So I started to look on Amazon and also found out that my many of my books were selected by the AMAZON BOOK EDITORS as a recommended BOOK OF THE MONTH.  In addition to STARTING OVER , here are NINE additional titles that the AMAZON BOOK EDITORS were kind enough to recommend.

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS at on Amazon and was named a BOOK OF THE MONTH by the Amazon Editors! Too cool..

Count Your Blessings 062913 amazon

Excuse me while I look at the rest of them!

OH Myyyy…  GOODBYE, DESPERADO is another one that was selected  by the AMAZON EDITORS as a recommended Book Of The Month.


Don’t take my word go to

UNREAL!  I need to go down the bookstore asile where my books are located more often! was also chosen by the AMAZON EDITORS as a recommended Book Of The Month.

Another Sunny Day 07112013 amazon

ALL RIGHT STOP IT!  ANGEL OF MERCY also was picked y the Amazon Editors!  Find it at

ANGEL OF MERCY 062913 amazon Was yet another one that was slected by the Amazon Book Editors as a recommended book of the month!

STROKE OF MIDNIGHT 062113 amazon

If you go on Amazon at you will also find TEACHER’S PET asa recommended book of the month!  This is crazy!

TEACHERS PET 062913 amazon

COLD FEET, WARM HEART is anohter monthly AMAZON recommendation and an be found at

COLD FEET WARM HEART 062313 amazon

A PRIVATE AFFAIR is a monthly recommendation also and is at

A PRIVATE AFFAIR 070413 amazon

For Holloween look for SIGHT UNSEEN at yet another monthly Amazon recommendation

SIGHT UNSEEN 063013 amazon



Fins out about all 23 of my published novels through Harlequin, Dell and others and my five newest books being published as an Indie Author at




The Readers’ Favorite organization provides a very credible and professional service for readers and authors by conducting reviews of books.  You can find them on the web at

For 2013 we submitted two books for award consideration and in the past we have also received reviews outside the competitive process.

One such book was LIFE’S WHAT HAPPENS.readers favorite award

You can find LIFE’S WHAT HAPPENS on Amazon at and for the Nook on Barnes & Noble at

First, here’s the blurb for LIFE’S WHAT HAPPENS  and then some of the fine FIVE STAR reviews from the reviewers at READERS’ FAVORITE.


He is too young to drink (legally) but not too young to die. Don Williams is a senior at Kent State University and lives in an off-campus fraternity house. He and his girlfriend Lisa are making plans for their future after graduation when suddenly, it’s all taken away. His career, his freedom of choice and even his frat brothers who have become his family.

Life’s What Happens when you mix the hormone-fueled emotions of youth who have left home to experience the mind, mood and physical freedoms of college life with the cultural and political changes of the late 1960’s. For the brothers of Phi Psi Kappa fraternity their biggest worries should have been how to pass their classes with the least amount of studying and the greatest amount of partying and girls. Instead, they are faced with the life-and-death decision of whether they should face their fates head-on, change their plans or just run away.

It is about the year they turned from boys to men, and where their choices took them.

Life's What Happens is a New Adult Romance for ages 18 to 25 and beyond.

Life’s What Happens is a New Adult Romance for ages 18 to 25 and beyond.

Here are some of the 5 STAR comments received by reviewers of this organization.

Life’s What Happens is the well-written and very poignant retelling of the days leading up to the notorious Kent State debacle. It tells of the lives of real people like Don and his fraternity brothers as they are drawn into the Vietnam conflict from the safety of their college days. Colored pictures of the fraternity men and the girls they are dating are shown at the book’s beginning along with a map of the campus at that time. The characters of Ben, Don, Frank, Fred, Barry, Jeff, Alonzo, Ted and all their fraternity brothers and the incoming pledge class are totally believable and the building of suspense and tension as Kent State’s campus is infiltrated with protesters is done well but without partiality. “Life’s What Happens” is a book that everyone will want to read, especially those who remember the tumultuous times of the late 1960’s. Names of popular songs of the era at the head of each chapter lend a feeling of authenticity. [Alice DiNizo]

I will never look at the Vietnam war the same way again. This book will open your eyes to the intensity of life during this dream altering time. I didn’t think I would actually enjoy reading a book like this but it moved me in so many ways. From characters that still your heart to writing styles that will captivate you, this is one awesome read. Thank you Kathy and Alex for an incredible read!! [Molly Edwards]

The author has done an amazing job of bringing the era to life on the pages of this book. Too often such events are looked back on, shoulders shrugged and no more thought given. However, they remind readers of the dreadful day students were senselessly shot and killed. They paint a different view of the event with carefully crafted characters. Baby boomers and those interested in history will want to soak up the knowledge found within these pages. This is a tale you will not want to miss. [Anne Boling]


Here’s a few additional thought about the Readers’ Favorite organization.

Readers’ Favorite is the recipient of the “Honoring Excellence” and “Best Websites for Authors” awards by the Association of Independent Authors, and are members of the National Book Critics Circle and the National Education Association.

Awards and Logos

Readers’ Favorite has been awarded the Association
of Independent Authors Honoring Excellence award, which
recognizes businesses and organizations that offer exceptional
products and services for independent authors.
Association of Independent Authors
Readers’ Favorite donates many of the books we review to the following charities, along with annual financial donations. We make sure your book and some of the money you spend on our site is used to bring comfort and aid to those in need.

Donation Partners

On behalf of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital,
and especially on behalf of the children and their
families, we want to thank Readers’ Favorite and its
authors for your kindness and generosity.
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

A Writer Looks Back On July, What’s Up In August, What’s Free And What’s Coming

Actually not just “a” writer but me!  BIG difference.

The highlight this month was the release on the 25th of book #3 of the Time Travel Mystery series CUL8R [Please be cool and pronounce it see you later…not CUL8R].  Book #3 is title BION so call it Believe It Or Not and not BION…please.  Our time travelers slip back to 1927 where the challenges of solving a mystery are greatly expanded  when you’re only 16 years old.  Here’s the blurb for BION:

BION 071613 Amazon final

Can she give up everything she has in the present for true love in the past?

Believe it or Not . . . “Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls …welcome to the best entertainment money can buy, the Maxwell Brothers Circus!”  

Four high school friends are able to do two things no one else on the planet can do . . . talk with dead people and time travel to that past. 

As they slowly turn the dial of their Spirit Radio Kelly, Scott, Austin and Zoey hear hundreds of sad, lonely voices of souls that have passed but apparently never moved on, pleading for help. 

A young woman asks them to find her twin brother Jesse who had run away to the circus in 1927, then disappeared and was never heard from again.  Going back and living with a circus sounds like fun.  Plus an old book provides a glimpse into the past . . . as well as a photo of Jesse.

They discover that circus life is not all glamour and fun; it’s a lot of hard work.  As usual, they jump in and quickly find jobs, places to sleep and new friends.  But most importantly, they find Jesse.  Now all they have to do is keep him alive.

For Zoey, it’s love at first sight.  If they are successful and save his life, will she be able to let him go?  

The major awards won by book #1, OMG [Oh My God] and #2, BRB [Be Right Back] really bolstered my to turn out a great time travel mystery with book #3.  Here’s a sample of some of the five star reviews [all 5 stars so far] on BION [Check them out on Amazon at


Kelly, Scott, Austin and Zoey are back again, and the spirit radio is still connecting them with the past. This time it’s the 1920’s. The Golden Era. But not Gatsby’s Golden Era, the kids travel back to the site of a traveling circus and embroil themselves in the fun and danger of the Show folk’s scene. This book in the CUL8R series is as vibrant and interesting as the other I have read. The characters are regular kids, well fleshed out and realistic. I’m reminded of the Trixie Bell series of my childhood, but the kids in THIS series are fresh and updated for today’s generation. You will love reading this book to it’s exciting conclusion. All the kids came through their last adventure with bruises and scrapes and indeed, Kelly got shot!I wasn’t let down in the drama department with this installment either! These are no wimpy kids stories, but fast paced and well written adventure stories for everybody! I love them!


I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Well, I liked it so much, I’m going to buy and read the first two books in the series! My 13 year old will also enjoy reading these as well.
The story was well written, with very likeable characters, and the whole theme of normal, everyday people using their heads to solve problems, and overcome danger was great! Its a good message to put out there for our young generation, and a good read.


I have read all three of the CUL8R Time Travel Mystery Series by Bob Kat and I absolutely love the latest book BION -Believe it or Not. Follow Kelly, Scott, Austin and Zoey on another adventure, 1927 Maxwell Brother’s Circus. Bob Kat delivers yet another great piece with fully developed characters, enchanting storyline and unsurpassed description. I read the entire book in one setting – I simply couldn’t put it down!

Even if you have not read the two previous titles in this series, you will love the storyline of BION. The author has a knack for writing captivating stories. Sci-fi fans and young adults will love the series. I was captivated from the first paragraph on. I can’t wait to read the next book in this fantastic series!


I love a good book with some heavy emphasis on time travel themes and this one definitely satisfied all my needs with it’s own unique twists. The writing is very high quality and stays at a consistent and entertaining approach from start to finish. The characters are very original and all have just the right amount of substance with a solid background, this combined with the great writing really ended up making this book of my favorites that I have read in the genre. There are some classical elements that can be compared to some other books but they all have their own unique style to them, the book is refreshingly new and the author has managed to successfully keep up a captivating pace from front to back.

…and there are more!

I also gave away in July copies of several books so I could introduce readers to my writing.  And I love how readers respond to a well written book.  AFter every giveaway comes orders to buy the book.

Here’s what I gave away in July…

ANGEL OF MERCY 062913 amazon

BION 071613 Amazon final

CODY'S LAST STAND 062913 amazon

Count Your Blessings 062913 amazon

TEACHERS PET 062913 amazon

and the last one, Teacher’s Pet, is free through the end of the day today, 7/31/13!

Planned for August are 7 titles...6 back list hard to find romances that sold 100,000s of copies globally.  Thank you Harlequin for the opportunity to write for you and for my digital rights back!  And a New Adult Romance based on a true story. Millions were impacted by this story and that is probably an understatement. 

August is a vacation opportunity with our very best friends in the world and chance to see our five boys [actually young men].

Writing wise working on …

  • book #2 in the Denver After Dark suspense series with Cries In The Night and
  • Bob is writing the first draft of the first book in the New Adult Romantic Suspense series, Scandals.

We’ll chat later.  Catch book #1 in the CUL8R Time Travel Mystery Series, OMG, on sale on Amazon for 8/2 – 8/8 for $0.99 for the ebook and the paperback version will be dropped in price to $10.99 US.

Adios from Austin…where it’s cooling down to 100!  NOT.

Another Back List Book Excerpt – ANOTHER SUNNY DAY

Another Sunny Day by Kathy Clark, a.k.a. Bob Kat


Another Sunny Day  appeared on the New York Times Bestseller List and reached #3 on Waldenbooks Best Seller List of all paperbacks. When originally published, it sold over 100,000 copies worldwide.  The book is a steady seller today.  With the popularity of Nashville this and Golden Days makes it a great fit.

Here’s another one of my 23 back list novels that you’ll find on my website at  After 23 romance novels I dd take a break to do some screenplays and in the process develop an edge to be able to bring you four new books between December, 2012 and June, 2013 –

A teen time travel mystery series, CUL8R, [See you later]

** Book #1, OMG won the Best Indie Book fo 2013 award and a finalist int he Beverly Hills book awards for 2103

** Book #2, BRB [Be Right Back] was named one of 3 finalists in the Reader’s Choice Book Awards and the final awards will be released on September 1st.

*** Book #3, BION [Believe It Or Not] will be released in July, 2013

Details on the series can be found at

The Denver After Dark Suspense series

Book #1, After Midnight can be sampled n the main site at

A New Adult Romance, Life’s What Happens

So today’s book is Another Sunny Day.  Sarah and Sunny – the Day sisters – identical twins, a dazzling mirror image. It was Sunny who had all the talent and success as a singer. Sarah preferred to work behind the scenes as her sister’s tour assistant. But Sarah is ready to stop touring and make a life of her own. When Sunny commits to a publicity stunt of riding on a trail ride, she begs her sister to take her place, and Sarah reluctantly agrees. Sarah loves horses, and it sounds like a fun adventure.

How could Sarah know that the moment she landed in Houston bewigged, made-up, dressed in Sunny’s typical over-the-top country siren’s costume, a craggy knight in Levi’s and a cowboy hat would hand her a challenge. Tyler Ross dared the “spoiled superstar” to survive the ordeal. How could he know that horses and ranching were more Sarah’s style than star trips? How could she tell him without giving away the masquerade and ruining her sister’s career?

Read Sunny’s story in the sequel GOLDEN DAYS.

Finally…the excerpt-

Dillon could barely breathe, much less play the guitar. He wasn’t completely certain that he wasn’t having a hallucination. Only seconds before his mind had been filled with thoughts of the gorgeous woman who was now sitting across from him, apparently not thinking about the sight she was presenting to him. Her outfit was every bit as brief and sexy as the one he had seen her in once before, but this one was almost the same strange color as her eyes and teasingly translucent. Her shiny golden hair tumbled softly around her pale face, highlighting her delicate bone structure and the loveliness of her features. She reminded him of a water nymph who had risen from the depths of the sea, then slipped into his room to drive him wild. Swallowing raggedly, he forced his frozen fingers to move once again across the strings, pulling the melody from his subconscious.

Sunny listened, transfixed. “That was wonderful. But I don’t believe I’ve ever heard that song before. What is it?”

“It’s something I wrote. I seem to be having a lot of extra hours to kill lately, so I’ve been working on this,” he said with a sort of apologetic shrug. “I hope I didn’t wake you up. I tried to play softly.”

“No, you didn’t wake me. I haven’t been sleeping well either,” She smiled wryly. “I was in the kitchen getting a drink,” she added, lifting the half-empty glass that was still in her hand. “When I heard you playing, something came over me and I just couldn’t resist coming in here. I hope you don’t mind my barging in like this.” It wasn’t until that moment that she became aware of what she had done. Completely uninvited, she had walked right into Dillon’s room without even thinking that she was very underdressed for even the most impromptu of concerts. That fact didn’t particularly bother her, but the sight of Dillon’s half-naked body did. Since he was wearing only a pair of jeans, she was treated to her first real view of his broad bare chest and felt herself reacting to the unplanned intimacy of this situation.

“Have you written any words to go with it?” Her voice had lowered, becoming unintentionally seductive. Her eyes studied the multitude of expressions that were galloping across his face, and she couldn’t help wondering what action he would take, if any.

“Uh . . . yes, but I’m not quite through with them. There’s one part that keeps hanging me up. I know what I want to say but not quite how to say it.” He didn’t notice that he was gripping his guitar with such intensity that his knuckles had turned white and it was a miracle the fragile wood didn’t splinter beneath his fingers. She had caught him at a particularly weak and vulnerable moment. Like a soldier who was exhausted from fighting too many battles, he was beginning to lose sight of the ultimate goal. His will had been tested once too often, and this time he knew that if she offered any encouragement, he wouldn’t be able to hold back.

“That’s one thing I’ve never been able to do,” Sunny commented with admiration.

“What?” He had completely lost the thread of the conversation.

“Write music. I can sing it and I can pick it out on the piano and guitar, but I’ve never created a song.”

“You inspire it. This is your song that I’ve been playing,” he answered softly, standing up and laying the guitar back on his bed.

“Maybe I could help you finish it,” she offered huskily, the flirtatious look in her wide eyes telegraphing an unmistakable message.

Without appearing to move quickly, suddenly he was standing in front of her, his hands taking the forgotten glass from her, then gently pulling her to her feet before she even had time to react.

But her body, which had been aching for this moment for weeks, automatically responded, allowing him to pull her tightly against him. His fingers threaded into her hair, holding her head steady while his mouth lowered to meet hers. Her passionate reply left him no doubt about her feelings. She wanted him as badly as he wanted her, and nothing else mattered tonight.

“Dillon,’ she managed to murmur when his lips lifted for a second. “Please don’t make me sleep all alone in that big bed.”

“Sweetheart, I wouldn’t dream of it.” With a fluid movement one arm slipped under her knees and the other supported her shoulders as he swept her up and held her securely against his chest. “Actually I don’t plan on letting you sleep at all,” he teased, nipping her neck playfully.

“That’s the kind of sleep I won’t mind missing.” She giggled, tracing the intricate curves of his ear with the tip of her tongue as he carried her to his old bedroom.

Setting her back on her feet, he flicked on a lamp before returning to stand in front of her. His hands reached up and cupped her face, his fingers caressing the soft skin of her cheeks while his thumbs followed the rounded outline of her full, rosy lips. Their eyes were locked together, each searching the other’s for unspoken answers. Slowly his hands slid down her neck and along her shoulders, pushing the flimsy silken straps aside.

But Sunny suddenly and unpredictably suffered her first pangs of shyness. She had wished she would be in just this place with just this man, but now that she was, a wave of fear engulfed her. What if he was disappointed? Her body was firm, but surely it couldn’t compete with the eighteen- to twenty-one-year olds he was probably used to seeing.

“Would you mind turning off the light?” she forced herself to ask. A bashful blush colored her cheeks as her long, dark brown eyelashes swept down to cover the frantic look in her eyes.

“Yes, I would. I’ve been waiting too long to have you with me like this, and I intend to savor every second of it,” he answered softly but firmly.

“But you might . . .” She foundered, unable to voice her fears. She didn’t know how other women handled their younger lovers, but she knew she was doing it badly. There was only a five-year age difference, but never had she been so conscious of it. Wildly she thought that she would gladly give ten years off the end of her life if she could subtract five right now.

Dillon had been studying her troubled face. All he cared about was her and her happiness. “Sunny, listen to me,” he demanded, gripping her shoulders in a hold that was almost painful. “I’m in love with you. Not your stardom or your voice or your body, but the real deep-down you. When I look at you, there’s nothing that I see that would ever make me love you less. Can’t you let go enough to let yourself love me?”

Sunny’s eyes returned to his concerned face. He was such a dear, sweet man. And he spoke with such sincerity that it stripped away her timidity, replacing it with an affection that made her heart swell almost to the bursting point. Her hands, which had been resting flatly against his chest in unconscious restraint, now slid slowly down the hard muscles of his abdomen until her fingers found the snap of his jeans. She felt the sharp intake of his breath at her touch and the raw scrape of his zipper sounded extra loud in the quiet room.

“I’m all yours,” she whispered, letting her clothes fall to the floor.

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