We write contemporary fiction. Contemporary meaning belonging to or occurring in the present. But the present isn’t what it used to be. In the time it takes to conceive, plot, write and publish a book, one of 8,000 published every day on the planet, the present has changed and the view about tomorrow is very different.

So we’re abandoning the quotes from the past and delving into the future which means understanding the present and a more about tomorrow. We write time travel stories to the past [See next week’s book #5 in the TIME SHIFTERS Series, NOT MY LIFE] but these posts were inspired by observations and facts right in front of us.

What sparked this idea? REALITY. We married following our on line meeting and in person greet in 1993. On line relationships were rare back in the day, a term that used to mean decades, then years by the way.



Today, did you know * * * * *

– 1 out of every 6 people married in the last year met on line and

– 1 out of every 5 divorces are blamed on Facebook

So we’ll be providing you with facts and forecasts that will shape your life and if you’re like us you’ll wonder what in the world are we doing today to succeed and stay fulfilled tomorrow given the REALITY of the world now.

We’re starting in no particular order or starting point but this caught our eyes.



Are you keeping up?


Check out our website at http://www.LoveRealityRomance.com  and look to see our newest release next Tuesday, NOT MY LIFE  http://lrd.to/not-my-life





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