Just Saying #Hallmark Channel

Let me first say that this blog is intended to be tongue in cheek however like all humor there is a streak of truth in it.

After watching the Hallmark Channel for years and seeing author after author I started in the industry with back in the Dell and Harlequin days end up with one of their books on the channel I just thought it would be good therapy, for me, to just say…hey, I’m here!


Meaning I’ve got 21 books I have the rights to and many sell well as eBooks and would make excellent stories. I’ve won screenwriting awards at several Film Festivals and even had one produced for cable and several optioned or acquired.

So here’s a Turkey Day idea for 2015.  I’ve got all the holidays and seasons covered as my editors at Dell and Harlequin pretty much had me cover the year.

Count Your Blessings


Luke Calloway is a turkey farmer in the heartland of Iowa. He has survived the loss of his wife, and is learning to cope with a drastic change of career (from big city dentist to the owner of Wishbone Acres in the small town of Greenhaven) while raising three rambunctious sons. He’s doing an admirable job and isn’t looking for love. But that’s exactly what he finds when Darcy Carson returns to town.

Darcy Carson, a successful Los Angeles television reporter, had fled from Iowa as soon as she was able. Small towns held no appeal for her, but the glamour and excitement of Southern California certainly did. Following a suspension by the station where she’s employed, she returns home, telling herself that she’ll only stay until she wins her court case and can return to work.

But Darcy hasn’t planned on meeting Luke. She fights her attraction to him, telling herself he represents everything she ran away from. Luke, too, fights his growing love for Darcy. He knows he’s only a temporary stopover in her life, that soon she’ll return to California, breaking his heart, and those of his sons.

Neither Luke nor Darcy are prepared for the way love sweeps into their lives, changing everything.


Too much on the nose?  Then go to my website on the Classic Romance page and look at twenty others. By the way, some of the awards on the classic romance are rght there as well.


So, therapy over.  Cost?  Free!  Back to writing.  More deadlines.


Here’s more about me and ways to connect.

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