San Antonio RWA 2014 Conference; Little romance, all writing…Great Time!

What do #BDalton #BordersBooks #CamelotMusic  #CrownBooks#MediaPlay #Waldenbooks  have in common?  They were some of the book retailers that helped me to sell over 3 million books back in the day.  When I returned to writing books in 2012 after a long absence writing for the big screen  I realized that I was not the only the one reading on a Kindle!  Duh!?!

So off to the #RWA 2014 National Conference Bob and I went to in San Antonio to search for better ways to self publish and get our 9 suspense titles in #YA #NA and #Romantic  Suspense fiction titles in front of readers. 4 and 5 star reviews and contest finalists and gold medals don’t cut it.

What an eye opener!!!!!!

First.  I used to site these conferences back in the day as an  #RWA Board Member and these gals did an AMAZING job.  VERY impressed.  They should be applauded so clap clap clap times 1,000

Second, where the hell are all my friends from back in the day?  Nevermond I digress. Let’s ignore the that one for now.

IMHO here’s some of the absolutely amazing presentations.  Just giving them a 5 star on the conference app isn’t enough.

Five Strategies for Building Reader Loyalty…#SherriBrooks #StellaCameron   #CissyHartley   #JayneAnKrenz

Spotlight on #Ballentine  #Bantam #Dell

Spotlight on #Pocket and #Gallery

Six Goals of Online Book Promotion #LauraKaye  This was over 5 stars but the app limited my feedback.

The Keynote speaker was #SylviaDay  Not to make her feel bad but her perspective really tied my two very different book author experiences together!  Thank you Sylvia.

The Care and feeding of the social media beast   #TyraBurtin  #JanaOliver   Another app limiter…way over 5 stars.

Strategies for intermediate and advanced publishers  #BellaAndre   #BarbaraFreethy  These authors are now where I left writing years ago and their experience was amazing to hear!  Too bad it didn’t last a full day!

Promotion Platform and Players  #CathrineBybee #jenniferprobst

How to sell books by the truckload on Amazon #pennysansevieri  We had no idea the depth and involvement required to be sure we get our books in front of our future readers. Penny was awesome.

I’ll have more for a later post but I need to catch up with Karma, Kiwi, Alex and Betty.  Three dogs and my Mom.  Oh yeah, my Mom is a member of my #streetteam  and reading 5 to 8 books a week gives her a broad perspective.  She’s #betareading our August release in the#SCANDALS #NewAdult series, #KILLERDATE  .  A romantic suspense with the romance in between the action.  Think #romancingthestone with kidnapping and drug cartels and five 20 somethings who are still dealing with the fact they have the same biological father.

Thanks again #RWA!







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