Rationale on Re-Covering and Re-Launching an Award Winning Novel

What a difference a generation makes?

Life’s What Happens explores life on a college campus where the clash of college life and coming of age during the tumultuous times of the most unpopular war of the last century happened daily and served as the perfect storm to drive relationships, rights, rituals and regret.  

When Bob sat down and wrote the first draft of Life’s What Happens it was from the perspective of how the Vietnam War was conducted in 1969 – 1970 and the way the government went about replacing the 1,000s of men and women who were killed on a regular basis.  Every night you could see the bodies of the dead and wounded parade across American’s TV screen on their way to often times very private funerals.  Returning veterans often kept quiet because the war was not a welcome topic outside the walls of veterans clubs. The Viet vet became a scapegoat for our country’s involvement in an unpopular war and the military frequently faced rejection and verbal, sometimes physical assault. That’s why many veterans quickly discarded their uniforms after returning home; it was easier than facing humiliation in public places.  This feeling lingers to the 21st century as many book reviewers refused to read this novel because of the memories that it unearthed for them.

Life’s What Happens looks at the college culture surrounding the end of the Vietnam war as it relates to the first military draft since WWII.  It is told in flashback so the long term impacts of the decisions made can be seen first hand by the reader.  It is a romantic drama in the new adult genre.

He is too young to drink (legally) but not too young to die. Don Williams is a senior at Kent State University and lives in an off-campus fraternity house. He and his girlfriend Lisa are making plans for their future after graduation when suddenly, it’s all taken away. His career, his freedom of choice and even his frat brothers who have become his family.

Life’s What Happens when you mix the hormone-fueled emotions of youth who have left home to experience the mind, mood and physical freedoms of college life with the cultural and political changes of the late 1960’s. For the brothers of Phi Psi Kappa fraternity their biggest worries should have been how to pass their classes with the least amount of studying and the greatest amount of partying and girls. Instead, they are faced with the life-and-death decision of whether they should face their fates head-on, change their plans or just run away.

It is about the year they turned from boys to men, and where their choices took them.

Life’s What Happens was voted a finalist in the 2013 Best Indie Book competition and today we’ve re-launched it under Kathy Clark’s name due to the adult nature of the story and the college relationships that occurred.

Here’s the new cover all book seller sites should be up to date within a few days.

Life's What Happens Amazon


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