Domestic Violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and is a time for every community to come together and build awareness and a movement towards safe and healthy relationships for all individuals and families. Domestic violence touches every person in our community and society as a whole; and violates a person’s dignity, safety, and basic human rights. It is something I came in contact with on a regular basis after I volunteered as a Victim’s Advocate for the cities of Northglenn and Thornton Colorado a few years ago.

The issue weighed heavily on my mind and being an author I finally put the issue front and center in an adult suspense novel, CRIES IN THE NIGHT, which was published ten days ago. One of the reviewers of the book stated it best:

“I sat and read this book in one day, which is amazing considering my hectic schedule. Ms. Clark provides an inside view into the lives of first responders. We see them at the scene of the crimes, or in the midst of emergencies, and they are the people’s heroes. But do we really know them beyond that? She provides a candid in-depth look into the chaos and confusion that is their lives, the raw emotions they deal with behind the scenes as a result of their career choices, and show us the human side of these special people, walking in a unique calling.

I fell in love with the characters, Julie and Rusty, while becoming endeared to his brothers, Chris and Sam as well. Other characters in the story that were central to the storyline are so authentic, that you actually become connected to them in a real way.

I loved the story because while it does have elements of romance, the story was not romance based. It is a contemporary fiction story, with elements of suspense to keep your adrenaline pumping, and elements of romance to keep the heat flowing from the pages. This was a professionally, well-written story, which takes a look at real life adversities of abuse victims, emergency personnel, and true life challenges from a first responders perspective.

Ms. Clark did a wonderful job of weaving a tale of intrigue, and compassion with depth, and reality. The characters are relatable, and a hidden secret from one of the characters past can derail even the best laid protection plans. Ms. Clark did not miss a beat in this romantic suspense novel.”


You can find CRIES IN THE NIGHT at –
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And as far as the domestic violence issue see and for additional information.

Kathy’s website is at

I hope the fictionalization of a truly terrible epidemic will bring more victims to a place of taking action to change their path.  There are professionals out there that can help you today.

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