Amazon Editor Recommendation – BRB!

And then Amazon sent out another recommendation!  It was an OMG moment BRB…book #1 in the young adult time travel mystery series.

Taking off from the Amazon editors recommendation for both Be Right Back [BRB] and Believe It Or Not [BION] in my See You Later [CUL8R] Time Travel Mystery Series here’s an excerpt from OMG, Book #1 [Oh My God]. This is the 1st in the series with the 4th book due out this winter. It has received 25 of 28 have been 5 star reviews and it was named The Best Indie Book for Young Adult in 2013 Book #2 won the Readers’ Favorite award for YA as well. I’m really proud of this young adult series.
They made their way along the west side of Fort Myers Beach and eventually arrived at the Fishing Pier as planned. They planted their boards in the sand.
“How much is a cab ride back,” she asked.
“Haha! What are you hungry for?”
“Pizza maybe?”
“Sweet, we’ll walk up to Citrola’s. They have great pizza.”
“Are we dressed okay?” Kelly looked down at her bare feet and wet clothes.
“Look around. We’re practically overdressed.”
She peered into the windows and saw that at least half the people inside were wearing swimsuits, so she felt better.
Austin and Kelly walked into Citrola’s and, as indicated by the sign in front, they seated themselves. He handed her a menu and opened his. Kelly was trying to decide between cheese or pepperoni when she looked up to see a tall, slender, long-legged girl with very long blond hair pop up behind him and put her hands over Austin’s eyes.
“Guess who?” the girl chirped.
“Zoey,” Austin said without excitement.
“Well, you’re no fun.” Zoey reached over and grabbed a chair from the next table. She pulled it over and sat down so that she was facing Austin. Her maneuver had neatly placed her between them so that her back was toward Kelly. “What have you been up to? You haven’t called me, and we’ve been out of schools for days.”
“I’ve been boardin’ with my friend Kelly.”
“I’m sorry, who?”
“Kelly . . . she’s right behind you.” Austin tilted his head so he could see Kelly and grinned.
Zoey twisted around just enough to give Kelly a cool glance. “I don’t recall seeing you at school.”
“I just moved here. I start South Beach in the fall.”
“So, what’s your name?” Zoey’s eyebrows arched as her gaze swept over Kelly’s wet, sunburned body. Zoey had large chocolate brown eyes and those perfect high cheekbones that Kelly had been wishing for just yesterday. Not to mention that she had a body to die for, most of which, because of the briefness of her bikini, was on display.
“Zoey, I told you her name is Kelly,” Austin reminded her.
“Whatever.” Zoey turned her focus back on Austin. “So, what night are you taking me out this weekend? I’ve kept Friday and Saturday open. Either one or both.”
“Ahh, Jeez,” he shook his head and shrugged. “I have to work both nights.”
Kelly couldn’t see his face, but from the tone of his voice, he didn’t seem too upset.
“Your loss,” Zoey said and flipped her head so that her long hair tumbled over her shoulder.
Kelly couldn’t take her eyes off of it. It was exactly the kind of hair she had always wanted. Thick and shiny, it was the color of sunshine, highlighted with streaks of ash blond and honey gold, probably from a bottle, but beautiful none the less.
“Well, I have to run,” Zoey said as she trailed her fingers up Austin’s bare, muscular arm. “You have my number. Give me a call, and we can hang out. Later.”
Kelly realized her mouth was hanging open. It had been like watching a poisonous snake, deadly dangerous, but so compelling, you dared not look away.
“Sorry,” Austin said. “Zoey’s kind of a pain. It’s just the way she is, especially with other girls.”
“Should I have not been here with you or something?”
“Do you mean is she my girlfriend?”
Kelly felt her cheeks flush hotly, and she hoped that her sunburn would hide it. “It’s not really my business.”
“The answer is no. She’s been after me since third grade. I think it’s all about the challenge. She collects boys like Scott’s sister collects dolls.”
Kelly smiled. “I think I’ve met my first real mean girl.”
Austin nodded. “I’m sure she won’t be your last. She sort of runs with a pack . . . like she-wolves, shopping by night and ripping people apart as they roam the halls of South Beach High by day.”
“Wow, I thought that was all Hollywood make-believe.”
Austin studied Kelly for a moment. “I think you’re up for the challenge. Ready to order?”

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