Excerpts from book #3 BION [Believe It Or Not] from my time travel mystery series and Free Book Fair Admission

Good Saturday afternoon AGAIN!

A decided to share a post from the Kathy Clark a.k.a. Bob Kat table at the Virtual eBook fair again… finish your wine or beer or whatever and then …where at no cost you can eWalk around around for today’s best books. I’ll give you a link to the fair at the end as I don’t want to derail you from one of your very best reading experiences in years…the See You a Later [CUL8R] Time Travel mystery series and especially book #3, Believe It Or Not [BION]. Please share this post with your friends.

Again…I hope you found the breadcrumbs I left all day yesterday for the free [one day only] download of book #3, Believe It Or Not [BION] in the see you later [CUL8R] teen time travel mystery series. Some of our friends passed this along to their friends.

Here’s the link to my newest book I launched Thursday.


BION 071613 Amazon final

Also yesterday you had a excerpt from book #1, Oh my God [OMG] and here’s the link for OMG.http://www.amazon.com/CUL8R-Time-Travel-Mystery-ebook/dp/B00AF2Q30E

OMG eBook 3

And this morning I listed an excerpt from book #2, Be Right Back [BRB]. The link is http://www.amazon.com/CUL8R-Time-Travel-Mystery-ebook/dp/B00C8SK9JO/

BRB eBook Cover 2

So here’s a little excerpt out of book #3, Believe It Or Not [BION] which because of the fan base for the series downloaded well Friday and is selling well Thursday and today.

Kelly in the story is one of the four 16 year olds and the book opens with her just having returned from their trip back to 1980. I hope you’ll get to know her!

A wispy fog hung in the air, humid and heavy. From somewhere came the eerie whinny of a horse. The countryside was bleak, devastated by years of battles fought on its soil. The dirt was fallow, beaten down by thousands of hooves and heavy wheels, and tainted by gallons of blood and sweat. 
The big bay stallion galloped through the mist, dodging the barriers and avoiding the artillery craters and the ditches that had once protected soldiers.
Kelly crawled across the barren landscape. She could feel the earth vibrating under the pounding of the horse’s hooves as he came closer, closer. Every time she lifted her head to look, a bullet whistled past, narrowly missing her. 
Would he run right past her? Would he leave her behind? Oh God, no, don’t let them shoot him.
The air swirled as the horse reared. His hot breath heaved from his nostrils like a dragon and foamy lather dripped from his shoulders. Kelly knew this was her only chance. She jumped to her feet and tried to grab his reins. 
Short staccato blasts pierced the air. Kelly felt one of the bullets rip through her left leg just as she tangled her fingers in the stallion’s thick mane. The sound of the gunshots made him shy away, but she clung to him, grimacing with pain as her body bounced against him as he galloped. She felt her grip slipping. If she fell, she knew she would be trampled under his sharp hooves. He wouldn’t mean to, but he was terrified and running for his life. 
Bang . . . bang . . . bang . . .
Three more shots . . .
“Kelly, are you awake?” a voice broke into her dream as a door opened, spilling light into the room.
The mists blew away and the horse vanished. Kelly blinked her eyes and looked around, completely disoriented. 
“We’ve got to leave in an hour . . . no later. The curtain waits for no one.” Aunt Jane switched on the overhead light, then closed the door. Her aunt’s footsteps quickly moved down the hall to the stairs.
Kelly sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed. The dream still clung to her. It had seemed so real. She had even felt the pain of the bullet piercing her flesh. She tried to stand and almost collapsed. Her left leg ached and throbbed. It hadn’t all been a dream. 
Gingerly, she pulled back the bandage she had taped over the wound and looked at the bright red streak that had, indeed, been made by a bullet . . . just not in a war. Actually, she had been shot after spending what was supposed to be a relaxing one-day trip to a deserted beach off the southeast coast of Florida. Unfortunately, it had been inhabited by a lovely family of Cuban refugees and their guests . . . and a crazy man who wanted to kill them all, including Kelly and her friends. 

Not sure the about the book yet? Here are the links to the first two books so you can check out the reviews for yourself. And don’t miss the awards the first two books of the series have received already.

Book #1 is at http://www.amazon.com/CUL8R-Time-Travel-Mystery-ebook/dp/B00AF2Q30E

Book #2 is at http://www.amazon.com/CUL8R-Time-Travel-Mystery-ebook/dp/B00C8SK9JO/

Thanks for your attention and I would greatly appreciate any and all reviews.

The website for the CUL8R Time Travel Mystery Series is at http://www.cul8rseries.com/
My author website is at http://www.nightwriter93.com/

And all my books are on Amazon at http://astore.amazon.com/nightwriter93-20
With this book I will have written and published through Harlequin and others and independently 28 books. I’ve been a NYT Best Seller, A USA Today Recommended read, a RITA winner and for this particular series we have been named the Best Indie Book of 2013 and a Beverly Hills Book Awards finalist and a top 3 Finalist in the Reader’s Choice Book awards for 2013. All that said, I can’t wait for you to read BION. In the interim, I hope you’ll take advantage of some book launch pricing on the first two books.



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