Day #1 Of The Release Of Believe It Or Not {BION} #3 in the Time Travel Mystery Series! Book #1 Voted Best in 2013 & Book #2 Reader’s Favorite Top 3 in 2013!

The first day of the week long book release for BION [Believe It Or Not], book #3 in the CUL8R [See you later] Time TRavel Mystery Series went really well.

BION 071613 Amazon final

I’ve just got some awesome favs and readers!.  Thanks to the emails, the Facebook lIkes and comments on Google + .

As a part of the BION launch I ran a free two days on a backlist book, Count Your Blessings and it hit the top 10 on Amazon earlier this week.

Count Your Blessings 062913 amazon

For added attention to the release Friday and Saturday will see Angel Of Mercy.  This is one of Kathy’s best selling trilogies from her Romance era.

ANGEL OF MERCY 062913 amazon

Book #2, BRB, shot up to top 50 on Amazon today and OMG is picking up sales tonight.

BRB eBook Cover 2OMG eBook 3

Friday is a special pricing day for BION so check it out.  I’d love to hear your comment and reviews too.  Here’s the logline to ponder…

Can she give up everything she has in the present for true love in the past?

Believe it or Not . . . “Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls …welcome to the best entertainment money can buy, the Maxwell Brothers Circus!”  

 Four high school friends are able to do two things no one else on the planet can do . . . talk with dead people and time travel to that past. 

 As they slowly turn the dial of their Spirit Radio Kelly, Scott, Austin and Zoey hear hundreds of sad, lonely voices of souls that have passed but apparently never moved on, pleading for help. 

 A young woman asks them to find her twin brother Jesse who had run away to the circus in 1927, then disappeared and was never heard from again.  Going back and living with a circus sounds like fun.  Plus an old book provides a glimpse into the past . . . as well as a photo of Jesse.

 They discover that circus life is not all glamour and fun; it’s a lot of hard work.  As usual, they jump in and quickly find jobs, places to sleep and new friends.  But most importantly, they find Jesse.  Now all they have to do is keep him alive.

 For Zoey, it’s love at first sight.  If they are successful and save his life, will she be able to let him go?  

I’ll see you in the world’s largest Virtual eBook Fair this weekend I’m sure.  Many thanks for making this launch so great.

For those that don’t know me here’s a little about me.  I am Kathy Clark, a.k.a. Bob Kat has written romance, young adult, romantic suspense and new adult romance for 25 years.  She’s had 23 books traditionally published through Harlequin and others with sales over 3.25 million in total and has indie published her most recent 4 books.  She will release 3 more books in 2013, book #2 in the Romantic Suspense series Denver After Dark, book #3 in the Young Adult Time Travel Mystery Series and book #1 in the New Adult romantic suspense series.  She has been a NY Times Best Selling author, a USA Today recommended author, an RWA RITA award winner and her indie books have won two Best Indie Book of 2013 Awards, a finalist in that competition, a finalist in the Beverly Hills Book Awards and two books are in the finals of the Reader’s Choice 2013 book awards being issued on 9/1/13.

My website is at

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Night all….

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