From Cody’s Last Stand an update from the 1800’s to the July 31st 2013 Time Travel Mystery Release

This blog is about two items..

First, excerpts, under the cover notes and early release information to my July 31st release of the BION [Believe It Or Not], book #3 in my award winning young adult / adult time travel mystery series.

Second excerpts form my back list. But this post starts off with something bigger than an excerpt…how about a free book on Friday or Saturday and the cover reveal and blurb for BION?

Okay…here’s the giveaway details for CODY’S LAST STAND.

CODY'S LAST STAND 062913 amazon
He had the wildness of the prairie in his eyes…the gentleness of a lover in his lips. And on that fateful day at Little Big Horn, Cody took Elizabeth Lawrence captive without firing a shot.

Elizabeth searched high and low for the raven-haired stranger after their timeless encounter. When she met him by chance, she almost wished he was the ghost she’d believed him to be.

Descended from the great chief Sitting Bull, John Cody was as ferociously proud of his Indian heritage as Elizabeth was of her ancestor, George Custer.

A hundred years after the most famous battle of the West, was there any hope that the descendants of two bitter enemies could at last make peace?

In this modern-day Romeo & Juliet tale, Cody and Elizabeth must defy generations of bad blood and families who cannot accept the possibility of their romance. Can the star-crossed lovers survive a war that still rages?

Find CODY on Amazon at , Go to Amazon on either July 19th or 20th and download your free copy.

And here’s the blurb on BION…COMING July 31st

BION 071613 Amazon final

Believe it or Not . . . “Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls …welcome to the best entertainment money can buy, the Maxwell Brothers Circus!”

Four high school friends are able to do two things no one else on the planet can do . . . talk with dead people and time travel to that past.

As they slowly turn the dial of their Sprit Radio Kelly, Scott, Austin and Zoey hear hundreds of sad, lonely voices of souls that have passed but apparently never moved on, pleading for help.

A young woman asks them to find her twin brother Jesse who had run away to the circus in 1927, then disappeared and was never heard from again. Going back and living with a circus sounds like fun. Plus an old book provides a glimpse into the past . . . as well as a photo of Jesse.

They discover that circus life is not all glamour and fun; it’s a lot of hard work. As usual, they jump in and quickly find jobs, places to sleep and new friends. But most importantly, they find Jesse. Now all they have to do is keep him alive.

For Zoey, it’s love at first sight. If they are successful and save his life, will she be able to let him go? Can she give up everything she has in the present for true love in the past?

Not sure the about the book yet? Here are the links to the first two books so you can check out the reviews for yourself. And don’t miss the awards the first two books of the series have received already.

Book #1 is at

Book #2 is at

Thanks for your attention and I would greatly appreciate any and all reviews.
The website for the CUL8R Time Travel Mystery Series is at
My author website is at

And all my books are on Amazon at
With this book I will have written and published through Harlequin and others and independently 28 books. I’ve been a NYT Best Seller, A USA Today Recommended read, a RITA winner and for this particular series we have been named the Best Indie Book of 2013 and a Beverly Hills Book Awards finalist and a top 3 Finalist in the Reader’s Choice Book awards for 2013. All that said, I can’t wait for you to read BION. In the interim, I hope you’ll take advantage of some book launch pricing on the first two books.

Thanks for stopping today.


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