Another Back List Book Excerpt – ANOTHER SUNNY DAY

Another Sunny Day by Kathy Clark, a.k.a. Bob Kat


Another Sunny Day  appeared on the New York Times Bestseller List and reached #3 on Waldenbooks Best Seller List of all paperbacks. When originally published, it sold over 100,000 copies worldwide.  The book is a steady seller today.  With the popularity of Nashville this and Golden Days makes it a great fit.

Here’s another one of my 23 back list novels that you’ll find on my website at  After 23 romance novels I dd take a break to do some screenplays and in the process develop an edge to be able to bring you four new books between December, 2012 and June, 2013 –

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The Denver After Dark Suspense series

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A New Adult Romance, Life’s What Happens

So today’s book is Another Sunny Day.  Sarah and Sunny – the Day sisters – identical twins, a dazzling mirror image. It was Sunny who had all the talent and success as a singer. Sarah preferred to work behind the scenes as her sister’s tour assistant. But Sarah is ready to stop touring and make a life of her own. When Sunny commits to a publicity stunt of riding on a trail ride, she begs her sister to take her place, and Sarah reluctantly agrees. Sarah loves horses, and it sounds like a fun adventure.

How could Sarah know that the moment she landed in Houston bewigged, made-up, dressed in Sunny’s typical over-the-top country siren’s costume, a craggy knight in Levi’s and a cowboy hat would hand her a challenge. Tyler Ross dared the “spoiled superstar” to survive the ordeal. How could he know that horses and ranching were more Sarah’s style than star trips? How could she tell him without giving away the masquerade and ruining her sister’s career?

Read Sunny’s story in the sequel GOLDEN DAYS.

Finally…the excerpt-

Dillon could barely breathe, much less play the guitar. He wasn’t completely certain that he wasn’t having a hallucination. Only seconds before his mind had been filled with thoughts of the gorgeous woman who was now sitting across from him, apparently not thinking about the sight she was presenting to him. Her outfit was every bit as brief and sexy as the one he had seen her in once before, but this one was almost the same strange color as her eyes and teasingly translucent. Her shiny golden hair tumbled softly around her pale face, highlighting her delicate bone structure and the loveliness of her features. She reminded him of a water nymph who had risen from the depths of the sea, then slipped into his room to drive him wild. Swallowing raggedly, he forced his frozen fingers to move once again across the strings, pulling the melody from his subconscious.

Sunny listened, transfixed. “That was wonderful. But I don’t believe I’ve ever heard that song before. What is it?”

“It’s something I wrote. I seem to be having a lot of extra hours to kill lately, so I’ve been working on this,” he said with a sort of apologetic shrug. “I hope I didn’t wake you up. I tried to play softly.”

“No, you didn’t wake me. I haven’t been sleeping well either,” She smiled wryly. “I was in the kitchen getting a drink,” she added, lifting the half-empty glass that was still in her hand. “When I heard you playing, something came over me and I just couldn’t resist coming in here. I hope you don’t mind my barging in like this.” It wasn’t until that moment that she became aware of what she had done. Completely uninvited, she had walked right into Dillon’s room without even thinking that she was very underdressed for even the most impromptu of concerts. That fact didn’t particularly bother her, but the sight of Dillon’s half-naked body did. Since he was wearing only a pair of jeans, she was treated to her first real view of his broad bare chest and felt herself reacting to the unplanned intimacy of this situation.

“Have you written any words to go with it?” Her voice had lowered, becoming unintentionally seductive. Her eyes studied the multitude of expressions that were galloping across his face, and she couldn’t help wondering what action he would take, if any.

“Uh . . . yes, but I’m not quite through with them. There’s one part that keeps hanging me up. I know what I want to say but not quite how to say it.” He didn’t notice that he was gripping his guitar with such intensity that his knuckles had turned white and it was a miracle the fragile wood didn’t splinter beneath his fingers. She had caught him at a particularly weak and vulnerable moment. Like a soldier who was exhausted from fighting too many battles, he was beginning to lose sight of the ultimate goal. His will had been tested once too often, and this time he knew that if she offered any encouragement, he wouldn’t be able to hold back.

“That’s one thing I’ve never been able to do,” Sunny commented with admiration.

“What?” He had completely lost the thread of the conversation.

“Write music. I can sing it and I can pick it out on the piano and guitar, but I’ve never created a song.”

“You inspire it. This is your song that I’ve been playing,” he answered softly, standing up and laying the guitar back on his bed.

“Maybe I could help you finish it,” she offered huskily, the flirtatious look in her wide eyes telegraphing an unmistakable message.

Without appearing to move quickly, suddenly he was standing in front of her, his hands taking the forgotten glass from her, then gently pulling her to her feet before she even had time to react.

But her body, which had been aching for this moment for weeks, automatically responded, allowing him to pull her tightly against him. His fingers threaded into her hair, holding her head steady while his mouth lowered to meet hers. Her passionate reply left him no doubt about her feelings. She wanted him as badly as he wanted her, and nothing else mattered tonight.

“Dillon,’ she managed to murmur when his lips lifted for a second. “Please don’t make me sleep all alone in that big bed.”

“Sweetheart, I wouldn’t dream of it.” With a fluid movement one arm slipped under her knees and the other supported her shoulders as he swept her up and held her securely against his chest. “Actually I don’t plan on letting you sleep at all,” he teased, nipping her neck playfully.

“That’s the kind of sleep I won’t mind missing.” She giggled, tracing the intricate curves of his ear with the tip of her tongue as he carried her to his old bedroom.

Setting her back on her feet, he flicked on a lamp before returning to stand in front of her. His hands reached up and cupped her face, his fingers caressing the soft skin of her cheeks while his thumbs followed the rounded outline of her full, rosy lips. Their eyes were locked together, each searching the other’s for unspoken answers. Slowly his hands slid down her neck and along her shoulders, pushing the flimsy silken straps aside.

But Sunny suddenly and unpredictably suffered her first pangs of shyness. She had wished she would be in just this place with just this man, but now that she was, a wave of fear engulfed her. What if he was disappointed? Her body was firm, but surely it couldn’t compete with the eighteen- to twenty-one-year olds he was probably used to seeing.

“Would you mind turning off the light?” she forced herself to ask. A bashful blush colored her cheeks as her long, dark brown eyelashes swept down to cover the frantic look in her eyes.

“Yes, I would. I’ve been waiting too long to have you with me like this, and I intend to savor every second of it,” he answered softly but firmly.

“But you might . . .” She foundered, unable to voice her fears. She didn’t know how other women handled their younger lovers, but she knew she was doing it badly. There was only a five-year age difference, but never had she been so conscious of it. Wildly she thought that she would gladly give ten years off the end of her life if she could subtract five right now.

Dillon had been studying her troubled face. All he cared about was her and her happiness. “Sunny, listen to me,” he demanded, gripping her shoulders in a hold that was almost painful. “I’m in love with you. Not your stardom or your voice or your body, but the real deep-down you. When I look at you, there’s nothing that I see that would ever make me love you less. Can’t you let go enough to let yourself love me?”

Sunny’s eyes returned to his concerned face. He was such a dear, sweet man. And he spoke with such sincerity that it stripped away her timidity, replacing it with an affection that made her heart swell almost to the bursting point. Her hands, which had been resting flatly against his chest in unconscious restraint, now slid slowly down the hard muscles of his abdomen until her fingers found the snap of his jeans. She felt the sharp intake of his breath at her touch and the raw scrape of his zipper sounded extra loud in the quiet room.

“I’m all yours,” she whispered, letting her clothes fall to the floor.

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