Its’ Time To Add another Excerpt to my Romance Back List…CODY’S LAST STAND

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Some of you may remember me from long ago…like last century…when traditional publishers such Harlequin published my romance novels and printed them on paper and sold them through bookstores! No?  Maybe you have purchased one of my more recent novels that were released in 2012 and 2013.  No doubt my over 3 million in sales worldwide in paperback were one measure and one cause of the popularity of my new books.  And yes, they’re digital and trade paperback.

Today, I write my Romantic Suspense series, Denver After Dark under my name Kathy Clark and the young adult mystery series, CUL8RTM [See you later] under the pseudonym of Bob Kat.  CUL8RTM is co-written with my husband Bob Wernly.  Starting this fall, the New Adult Romantic Suspense series, Scandals, will be under Kathy Clark.

I am going to take space in this blog to publish excerpts from my romance novel back list to provide as they say, a deeper cut, into the stories beyond the samples provided by Amazon.  I did this last weekend at the virtual eBook Fair and I got great feedback to do more of this. So I will.  Readers rule!

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e had the wildness of the prairie in his eyes…the gentleness of a lover in his lips. And on that fateful day at Little Big Horn, Cody took Elizabeth Lawrence captive without firing a shot.

Elizabeth searched high and low for the raven-haired stranger after their timeless encounter. When she met him by chance, she almost wished he was the ghost she’d believed him to be.

Descended from the great chief Sitting Bull, John Cody was as ferociously proud of his Indian heritage as Elizabeth was of her ancestor, George Custer.

A hundred years after the most famous battle of the West, was there any hope that the descendants of two bitter enemies could at last make peace?

In this modern-day Romeo & Juliet tale, Cody and Elizabeth must defy generations of bad blood and families who cannot accept the possibility of their romance. Can the star-crossed lovers survive a war that still rages?


The friction that had been building during their conversation immediately dispersed, neutralized by her unexpected capitulation and the concentrated power of her smile. Cody rolled onto his side. With his elbow planted on the rock, he propped his head up on his hand. His move had closed the distance between them until he was near enough to see the black spikes radiating from the pupils of her eyes, piercing through the cornflower-blue irises. They were the eyes of a seductress, yet he could see a vulnerability in their depths.

She had removed her hat and left it on the ground next to the rock. A gentle breeze whispered through the pine needles and sent the large, floppy leaves of the cottonwoods into motion. It also feathered through her hair, lifting the strands that had strayed from her ponytail and depositing them across her cheek.

Automatically his free hand moved to brush them away. But as soon as his fingers touched her skin, his control wavered. She was too close and he wanted to taste her lips, lips he knew would be as sweet as honey. Suddenly the differences between Elizabeth’s life and his didn’t seem so important. The fact that she was white and he was Native American was irrelevant when weighed against the overwhelming desire he had to kiss her.

If she had made even the slightest protest, if she had made any move to turn away, he could have stopped. But encouraged by the expectant look in her eyes, he leaned closer. His attention was drawn to the pink tip of her tongue as it raced around her slightly parted lips, leaving behind a moist, shiny trail he could no longer resist.

His fingers tunneled into the hair at her temple, sweeping it off her face and out of his way as his lips touched hers. He meant the contact to be brief. All he wanted was to satisfy his curiosity whether or not anyone or anything could taste as good as she looked.

But once he felt her full mouth beneath his, he knew one kiss would never be enough. His mouth moved over hers, memorizing the shape, savoring the texture and never wanting to leave. How many kisses would it take to satisfy him? Ten? Twenty? Fifty million?

Elizabeth was not remaining passive beneath his caress. There was a passion that rivaled his in the way she returned his kiss. Her hands had found their way to his body, her fingers stroking the tensed muscles of his back. He inched over until his body partially covered hers.

If he thought that would make him more comfortable, he was wrong. The sensation of her firm breasts pressing against his chest made the pressure in his groin almost unbearable. He could not keep from pushing against her, feeling his hardness nuzzle into her softness, even if there were several layers of clothing in between.

Cody didn’t know how much more of this torture he could take. There was a limit to a man’s ability to resist temptation, even a man who prided himself on self-control.

It was time he faced the truth. Cody wanted more than to sample Elizabeth’s lips. Whether it was wrong or right…whether it was temporary or permanent…he had to make love to this most desirable, most inappropriate woman.

The rock was hot and hard beneath her back. The man lying partially on top of her was almost as hot and hard. The excitement of the latter made her forget the discomfort of the former.

His kisses were as wild and passionate as she’d imagined. They were awakening in her sensations that she hadn’t known existed. She’d thought all those stories of being swept away, beyond all control were pure fiction. Until this moment…with this man.

His tongue teased the tender skin of her lips, slipping deeper until it met and mated with her own tongue in seductive strokes. His breath swirled into her open mouth as he refused to break the contact even for the necessary act of breathing.

Elizabeth’s own breaths were coming in shallow gasps. She could have blamed the pressure of his chest on hers, but she knew it was more than that. This was what she had been waiting for from the first time she had seen him, standing before her.

When it came to pure sexuality, her attraction to him was as primitive and unrestrained as the savage she had originally thought him to be. Now that she knew better, she knew how wrong the “savage” moniker was. The man was more intelligent and better educated than most of her very civilized friends.

The memory of his near-naked body glistening in the sunlight heated her from the inside out. Anxious to feel that flesh beneath her fingers, her hands tugged at his shirt until she freed it from his pants. The snaps popped open, leaving his broad chest accessible to her exploratory touch.

As her fingers splayed over the muscled ridges of his rib cage, she could feel the immediacy of his reaction. Lifting his head, he peered down at her, searching her eyes for the depth of her feelings.

“Lady, do you know what you’re doing to me?” he moaned.

Instead of directly answering his question, she demanded in a fervent whisper, “Kiss me….”

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Life’s What Happens is a New Adult Romance for ages 18 to 25 and beyond.

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OMG, A C CUL8RTM Time Travel Mystery

First place in the Best Indie Book of 2013 for young adult

Finalist in the Beverly Hills Book 2013 Awards for young adult

BRB, A CUL8RTM Time Travel Mystery

Named finalist in the Reader’s Choice 2013 Award  [9/1 final decision]

Life’s What Happens

Finalist in the Best Indie Book of 2013 for literature

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BION, A CUL8RTM Time Travel Mystery [Bob Kat]

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