Paying It Forward…an excerpt from ANOTHER SUNNY DAY

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Some of you may remember me from long ago…like last century…when traditional publishers such Harlequin published my romance novels and printed them on paper and sold them through bookstores! No?  Maybe you have purchased one of my more recent novels that were released in 2012 and 2013.  No doubt my over 3 million in sales worldwide in paperback were one measure and one cause of the popularity of my new books.  And yes, they’re digital and trade paperback.

Today, I write my Romantic Suspense series, Denver After Dark under my name Kathy Clark and the young adult mystery series, CUL8RTM [See you later] under the pseudonym of Bob Kat.  CUL8RTM is co-written with my husband Bob Wernly.  Starting this fall, the New Adult Romantic Suspense series, Scandals, will be under Kathy Clark.

I am going to take space in this blog to publish excerpts from my romance novel back list to provide as they say, a deeper cut, into the stories beyond the samples provided by Amazon.  I did this last weekend at the virtual eBook Fair and I got great feedback to do more of this. So I will.  Readers rule!

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Another Sunny Day Cover


Sarah and Sunny – the Day sisters – identical twins, a dazzling mirror image. It was Sunny who had all the talent and success as a singer. Sarah preferred to work behind the scenes as her sister’s tour assistant. But Sarah is ready to stop touring and make a life of her own. When Sunny commits to a publicity stunt of riding on a trail ride, she begs her sister to take her place, and Sarah reluctantly agrees. Sarah loves horses, and it sounds like a fun adventure.

How could Sarah know that the moment she landed in Houston bewigged, made-up, dressed in Sunny’s typical over-the-top country siren’s costume, a craggy knight in Levi’s and a cowboy hat would hand her a challenge. Tyler Ross dared the “spoiled superstar” to survive the ordeal. How could he know that horses and ranching were more Sarah’s style than star trips? How could she tell him without giving away the masquerade and ruining her sister’s career?

Read Sunny’s story in the sequel GOLDEN DAYS.

ANOTHER SUNNY DAY appeared on the New York Times Bestseller List and reached #3 on Waldenbooks Best Seller List of all paperbacks. When originally published, it sold over 100,000 copies worldwide.

Another Sunny Day 

“I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any pictures of you au naturel.

“I beg your pardon?” she asked, shocked. “I would never agree to do nude photos,” She glared indignantly at him.

“No, wait. I meant without that wig. You really do have beautiful hair.” His approving gaze swept the long, loose length of spun gold that tumbled down around her breasts. “I wonder how many people know what you’ve been hiding all these years,” he speculated, his tone suggesting a more complex curiosity than his words would indicate.

Indirectly he was asking her how many people she had been intimate enough with to share this secret. If only she could get up enough courage to tell him what other secrets were hidden beneath that artificial hairpiece. Not that it was really any of his business, but she couldn’t blame him for asking. If she’d had the nerve to ask, she would have loved to find out the same information about him. Instead “Sunny Day” stayed in character. “Not as many as you might think. Other than my family and my manager, Mack, no one ever sees me without my wig,”

“That makes me special, then, doesn’t it?” he teased lightly, but the joke backfired as her eyes darkened seriously.

“Yes, it does,” she answered softly. Several seconds passed, their gazes locked, with neither daring to say what was foremost in their minds. Sarah moved first, scooting her chair away from the table noisily and walking over, to the sink to rinse out her mug. “It’s setting late. I guess we had better turn in for the night, so if you’ll just go on into the bedroom—”

“The bedroom?” he interrupted, one dark eyebrow arched eloquently.

“Yes, you’ll sleep in the bedroom, and I’ll sleep on the sofa,” she finished hastily.

“Oh.” He tried to hide his disappointment in the sleeping arrangements. “I believe you’ve got it backward, though,” he argued.

“No, I don’t. It’s your camper, and you’re too tall for the sofa, so it’s just common sense for me to sleep on the sofa and let you have the bed.”

“You bullied me into spending the night in this camper, but I refuse to let you give up the bed, and I, as a man, will rough it on the sofa.” His deep voice demanded obedience. ‘”Either that or I’ll sleep in the truck. Then you can sleep in whichever bed you want.”

“Male chauvinist!” she accused.

“Superstar!” he countered.

“All right, take the sofa,” she acquiesced, knowing that if she didn’t, he would make good his threat to go back outside into the bitter cold, sleep in the truck and probably catch the flu—a fate he deserved, but one which she couldn’t wish on him. With a defiant toss of her golden head she flounced gracefully from the room.

An hour later she lay on her back on the big bed, staring into the dark. Her only excuse for her childish behavior was that it had effectively disguised her real feelings. She had narrowly escaped from a very tense sexual confrontation. So why was she still awake, feeling every emotion but satisfaction? Hadn’t she been acting in Sunny’s best interests? Or was she just afraid to admit that her whole body ached for a fulfillment that only this man could provide? She had never been stirred so deeply and passionately, which made her doubly vulnerable. If she overreacted to what she thought was a sexual overture but wasn’t, then he would think she was as loose and forward as her sister had a reputation for being. She tried to remember anything he might have said or done that could give her a clue as to how he felt, but other than their few kisses, his behavior had always been that of a perfect gentleman . . . unfortunately.

From the other room came the sound of Tyler turning over and bumping loudly into the wooden arms at either the head or foot of his too short bed and uttering a most ungentlemanly curse. It served him right, she thought. Apparently he wasn’t getting any more sleep than she was, but it was all his fault. If he had listened to reason, he’d be able to stretch his long frame out on this bed, and she would have been quite comfortable on the smaller sofa.

Maybe now he would be a little more open-minded, she told herself as she got out of bed and flicked on the overhead light. Maybe she could talk him into playing musical beds. That was her only reason for going to see him now, in the middle of the night, wasn’t it? Sarah opened the bedroom door but paused on the threshold.

Tyler saw her immediately and sat up, leaning on one elbow. Shafts of light broke around her body, piercing through the thin gown, making it virtually invisible. Her hair fell around her shoulders and down almost to her elbows in glorious disarray; highlighted from behind like a frothy halo. Her face was in shadow, making it impossible to read her expression, but he sensed a tense indecision. She was like a shy doe, poised for flight at the first sign of danger. He wasn’t sure why she was here, but a wave of passion surged through his body with the power and fierceness of the wild north wind that had shown them no mercy earlier in the day, just as she was showing him no mercy now.

“I couldn’t sleep. I wondered if you . . .” She faltered, all coherent thoughts driven from her mind at the sight of him. The light from her bedroom invaded the dark room, softly illuminating his tanned nude torso in sharp contrast to the whiteness or the sheets.

All his well-planned resolutions flew out the window. His eyes, burning with desire, never left her face as he reached out and pulled back the covers to expose the empty space next to him. “Come here, darlin’,” he invited, his voice deep and gentle as he held out his hand toward her.

Still Sarah hesitated, weighing the possible results against the depth of her desire. What would happen if he should expect the real Sunny, to pick up where they left off after the trail ride was over? Or what if he let something slip to the press that might hurt Sunny’s career? Or what if . . . Suddenly she realized that for this one night she didn’t really care about anything else but Tyler. Regardless of the repercussions, this was her one chance to be where she most wanted to be . . . in his arms. Tonight was their night; she would worry about everything else tomorrow.

With a soft heartfelt sigh she floated across the room and sank into his waiting arms.

His body shuddered with suppressed longing as he looked deeply into her apprehensive eyes. “Are you sure?” he asked tenderly.

“Shh,” she whispered against his lips, her body melting against his warmth. She had gone this far, and she didn’t want to be talked out of it now. This was not the moment for rational thoughts. For once sensible Sarah was going to let her heart rule her head.

Tentatively, not wanting to overwhelm her with the strength of his feelings, Tyler gently kissed her mouth while his hands slowly stroked her body.

But Sarah wanted more. She had been waiting for this moment since she had first been attracted to him at the airport. Boldly her fingertips slid down the hard curve of his side and up the ridge of his hipbone. She savored the rippling waves of muscles in his back and shoulders before her long fingers nested in the thick silken hair at the back of his neck. Her lips pulled him deeper into the kiss, demanding everything he had to give.

“Take it easy. We’ve got all night,” he murmured against her mouth as his hands eased under the hem of her gown, drawing it up and with her help pulling it over her head before tossing it on the floor.

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Life’s What Happens is a New Adult Romance for ages 18 to 25 and beyond.

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TUTORIAL: OMG = Oh My God, BRB = BE Right Back

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First place in the Best Indie Book of 2013 for suspense

Finalist in the Reader’s Choice 2013 Award  for young adult [9/1 final decision]

OMG, A C CUL8RTM Time Travel Mystery

First place in the Best Indie Book of 2013 for young adult

Finalist in the Beverly Hills Book 2013 Awards for young adult

BRB, A CUL8RTM Time Travel Mystery

Named finalist in the Reader’s Choice 2013 Award  [9/1 final decision]

Life’s What Happens

Finalist in the Best Indie Book of 2013 for literature

TUTORIAL: BION =Believe It Or Not


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BION, A CUL8RTM Time Travel Mystery [Bob Kat]

Estimate a July 28, 2013 release

Cries In The Night, a Denver After Dark Suspense [Kathy Clark]

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Estimate a December 1, 2013 release

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