After Midnight, A Denver After Dark Suspense…A free excerpt, an oldie but a goodie from late 2012!

Hello…I’m Kathy Clark, author.  Welcome back to my blog site.

Some of you may remember me from long ago…like last century…when traditional publishers such Harlequin published my romance novels and printed them on paper and sold them through bookstores!   No?  Maybe you have purchased one of my more recent novels that were released in 2012 and 2013.  No doubt my over 3 million in sales worldwide in paperback were one measure and one cause of the popularity of my new books.  And yes, they’re in digital and trade paperback.

Today, I write my Romantic Suspense series, Denver After Dark under my name Kathy Clark and the young adult mystery series, CUL8RTM [See you later] under the pseudonym of Bob Kat.  CUL8RTM is co-written with my husband Bob Wernly.  Starting this fall, the New Adult Romantic Suspense series, Scandals, will be under Kathy Clark.

I am going to take space in this blog to publish excerpts from my romance novel back list to provide as they say, a deeper cut, into the stories beyond the samples provided by Amazon.  I did this last weekend at the virtual eBook Fair and I got great feedback to do more of this. So I will.  Readers rule!

Thank you for stopping…each blog post will have-

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What started as a routine contact stop turned into a brutal double homicide. Officer Sam Morgan had worked for the Denver PD for five years, most of which were spent patrolling the streets around the State Capitol. He’s seen his share of druggies, dealers and hookers, but since some of them were his best sources, he normally wasn’t quick to arrest them. On a hot June Saturday night, Sam was sharing his patrol car with a ridealong, which could be a blessing or a curse. Things went smoothly until they came face-to-face with a hooker and her pimp. Suddenly, the pimp pulled a gun, and after exchanged gunfire, the other police officer and the pimp were both dead and Sam was seriously wounded. The ridealong had saved the day by retrieving a dropped pistol and shooting the pimp before he can get a fatal shot at Sam. In the confusion, the prostitute disappeared into the night. Kate, the hooker, tries to convince Sam, as he recovers from his wounds that she isn’t a really a prostitute, but he doesn’t believe her. She tells him she’s an actress, hired by the dead pimp to be on the streets that night for the filming of a TV show. As the weeks pass and it becomes clear that someone is out to either frighten her enough to leave Denver or to kill her, Sam begins to believe her story. Joining together, the cop and the actress uncover many inconsistencies and even more suspects. Along the way, they also discover a sexual attraction that quickly turns into even more than either of them had bargained for. As they get closer to the truth, the threat escalates until Kate finds herself fighting for her life. It’s up to Sam to save her, but will he be in time?

EXCERPT of After Midnight

Hours later, she was safely ensconced back in her apartment.  The play had gone well and the drive home uneventful, even though her heart had pounded every time headlights speeded up behind her.  But none of them had belonged to a dirty pickup truck and none of them had lingered behind her any longer than it had taken to pass her.

It wasn’t until she was waiting for her soup to heat in the pan on the stove that she glanced at her cell phone and saw that she had a missed call from yesterday.  From Sam.  She selected voice mail and listened with a growing smile.

“Just thought I’d see how you were doing.  Give me a call when you get this message.  Oh, this is Sam.”

As if she wouldn’t recognize his voice.  She glanced at the clock on the wall and saw that it was not quite midnight.  Would he still be up?  Did it make her sound too eager if she called him now?  But a whole day had passed.  Surely, that would make it seem like she had kind of blown him off.  But that thought, too, alarmed her.  She didn’t want him to think she was pathetically waiting for his call, but she didn’t want him to believe she didn’t care either.

Oh, just call him.  She hit the redial, vowing to let it ring only three times.  If he didn’t answer then, she would . . .

“Where the hell have you been?” his voice was rough and angry.  Or was it concern?  It caught her off guard.

“Excuse me.  Was I supposed to check in with you?” she asked.

There was a long pause on the other end of the line, then Sam continued in a much different tone.  “Hey, I’m sorry.  That was a little stronger than I meant it to be.  When I couldn’t get in touch with you . . . well, I was worried.”

“About me?”  She tried not to sound as delighted as she felt.

“Yeah, about you.  So, sue me.”

She could hear the smile bouncing along the air waves and into her ear.  “My phone’s battery ran down.  I just saw that I missed your call.”

“Busy day?”

“Crazy night.”  She hesitated for a moment, not sure she wanted to get into the whole truck and crashing incident.


Simple question, but she could hear the flatness in his tone as if he was forcing neutrality.  Was that a hint of jealousy?  That possibility excited her, but it also pushed her into a decision to share last night’s terror with him rather than to have him think something that was totally wrong.

“Someone tried to run me off the road last night.”

Instantly his voice changed, and all hint of humor disappeared.  “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, just a little shaken.  But my poor car is several inches shorter.”  She turned off the stove and settled on the couch, then went through the whole evening from the first terrifying moment to the forgotten cell phone in her car, and her eagerness to get to the safe zone of her apartment.

“So Brian just happened to be there?”

“He said he had just dropped his girlfriend off at her apartment.  I know it sounds weird, but he drives a white Camry or Corolla or some kind of Toyota.  I don’t recognize cars all that well.  But it definitely wasn’t a pickup truck.”

“Did you call the police?”

“No, now wait . .  . before you get all Mister Cop on me, there was nothing I could tell them about the truck, and he was long gone.”

“They can check for paint transfer, look at traffic cameras and a half dozen other things.  What is it with you and cops?”

She honestly hadn’t thought about any of those things.  “I guess I screwed up.  I just wanted to get home.”

“You could have called me.”  He sounded almost hurt.

“I wanted to,” she admitted softly.  “But I just didn’t know if I should.”

“Why the hell not?”

Kate winced.  Should she admit that she had been disappointed that he hadn’t called her?  Did it make her sound all needy and clingy if she told him that she had hoped there was more to their relationship than cop/witness?  “I just didn’t know if . . . you would be interested.  It was way out of your district.”

She heard him sigh.

“Kate, I am definitely interested.  I thought you knew that.”

“But you didn’t call.”

“Neither did you.”

“But you’re the guy.”

“What is this, 1950?”  He was silent for a few seconds before continuing, “I didn’t want you to think I was pushing you or taking advantage of your trauma.”

“Why do I feel like I’m in junior high?”  Telling him all about last night had brought on a fresh wave of anxiety, but now she could feel a different type of excitement stir inside her.  She smiled and stretched out on the couch with her back nestled in the corner.  “I didn’t do junior high well.”

“Oh, come on, you were probably one of those hot cheerleaders who had all the boys hanging around your locker.”

“Well, I admit I was a cheerleader, but I was really shy back then.  I hardly dated at all.  How about you?  I’ll bet you were a jock.”

“I played a little football and baseball,” he admitted.

She could hear the creak of leather, and she guessed he, too, was settling back and enjoying the conversation as much as she was.

“And dated the cheerleaders?” she prompted.

“One or two,” he admitted.

“I’ve heard stories about cops.”

He chuckled.  “Yeah, they’re probably all true.”

“So, how many women are you juggling right now?” she teased, but realized she was holding her breath, waiting for his response.

“Nah, I’m more of a one-at-a-time guy.”

“I would have thought the girls would be all over you now.  Handsome cop with his arm in a sling.  Oh, and that sexy shaved area over your ear.”

There was a pause, then he asked, his tone light, “You think I’m handsome?”

“Oh, I don’t know.  I haven’t actually seen you for a few days, so my memory’s fading fast.”

He laughed out loud.  “That’s easy to fix.  Why don’t I meet you between shows again tomorrow, then I can follow you home in case that truck shows up again?”

“You can sit through the play again?”

“Are you in it?”

“Of course.”

“Then I want to see it again.  And again.  And again.”  His voice was husky with promise.

Kate closed her eyes and smiled.  “You’re either a real fan or a glutton for punishment.”

“You might say I’m a big fan.”

“Okay, it’s a date.”

“Just curious, but where do you live?”

“You don’t already know?” she teased.  “I thought cops had access to all that.”

“We do, if you were a suspect.  We don’t usually run investigations on our girlfriends.”

That little junior high tingle shot through her again.  Girlfriend!  Okay, so he had said it as a plural, but she only heard it as it referred to her.  “My apartment is in the Newcastle Hotel on the corner of Colfax and Grant.  Do you know where that is?”

“Are you kidding?  I go there about three times a week.  Shootings. Overdoses.  Stabbings.  Good God, woman.  That place is a shithole.”

“It’s cheap, and I can’t afford to be picky.”

“Well, keep your doors and windows locked.”

“You’re going all cop on me again.”

“I’m just trying to keep you alive.  And lady, you’re turning this into quite a challenge.”

I hope you enjoyed this sample from my book.  All of my romance novels are available individually as eBooks on amazon and they have also been republished as Romance Collections with similar books in their original full length and unabridged.  The Romance Collections are at a reduced price and available by going to .

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Recent books:



Romantic Suspense series:           After Midnight, a Denver After Dark Suspense      Book #1

What started as a routine contact stop turned into a brutal double homicide.  Hooker to lover or low-life to no-life. It’s all in his hands.

OMG eBook 3

Young Adult Mystery series:          OMG, A CUL8RTM Time Travel Mystery      Book #1

Albert Einstein said about time travel “People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

BRB eBook Cover 2

Young Adult Mystery series:         BRB, A CUL8RTM Time Travel Mystery     Book #2

It’s difficult to investigate a crime that hasn’t happened yet.


Life's What Happens is a New Adult Romance for ages 18 to 25 and beyond.

Life’s What Happens is a New Adult Romance for ages 18 to 25 and beyond.

New Adult Romance:                   LIFE’S WHAT HAPPENS

How did one night change over a million lives of new adults forever?

TUTORIAL: OMG = Oh My God, BRB = BE Right Back

All four books are available on Amazon at

Additional details on the CUL8RTM time travel series is at


2013 Awards

After Midnight, a Denver After Dark Suspense

First place in the Best Indie Book of 2013 for suspense

Finalist in the Reader’s Choice 2013 Award  for young adult [9/1 final decision]

OMG, A C CUL8RTM Time Travel Mystery

First place in the Best Indie Book of 2013 for young adult

Finalist in the Beverly Hills Book 2013 Awards for young adult

BRB, A CUL8RTM Time Travel Mystery

Named finalist in the Reader’s Choice 2013 Award  [9/1 final decision]

Life’s What Happens

Finalist in the Best Indie Book of 2013 for literature

TUTORIAL: BION =Believe It Or Not


BION eBook 1

BION, A CUL8RTM Time Travel Mystery [Bob Kat]

Estimate a July 28, 2013 release

Cries In The Night, a Denver After Dark Suspense [Kathy Clark]

Estimate a October 1, 2013 release

Scandals, a New Adult Romantic Suspense [Kathy Clark]

Set in Austin, Texas

Estimate a December 1, 2013 release

Check the progress on this blog or Kathy’s website at

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