A Private Affair…A free excerpt

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Some of you may remember me from long ago…like last century…when traditional publishers such Harlequin published my romance novels on printed on paper and sold through bookstores!   No?  Maybe you have purchased one of my more recent novels that were released in 2012 and 2013.  No doubt my over 3 million in sales worldwide in paperback were one measure and one cause of the popularity of my new books.  And yes, they’re digital and trade paperback.

Today, I write my Romantic Suspense series, Denver After Dark under my name Kathy Clark and the young adult mystery series, CUL8RTM [See you later] under the pseudonym of Bob Kat.  CUL8RTM is co-written with my husband Bob Wernly.  Starting this fall, the New Adult Romantic Suspense series, Scandals, will be under Kathy Clark.

I am going to take space in this blog to publish excerpts from my romance novel back list to provide as they say, a deeper cut, into the stories beyond the samples provided by Amazon.  I did this last weekend at the virtual eBook Fair and I got great feedback to do more of this. So I will.  Readers rule!

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Here is A Private Affair

A PRIVATE AFFAIR 070413 amazon


A private investigator out to collect divorce evidence becomes more and more attracted to her unsuspecting prey. Kelly McClain is hired to get the “goods” on wandering husband, Adam Davis. Although the attraction is immediate for both of them, Kelly is fighting both professional and personal battles. She doesn’t get involved with clients or subjects under investigation . . . and definitely not married men. In this romantic comedy set against the steamy tropical backdrop of Orlando and DisneyWorld, Kelly must struggle against this handsome cheater’s considerable charms while trying to do her job and keep her integrity. 


This assignment had been distasteful from the start, and now she was going to meet, face-to-face, the cheating louse whose wife had hired Kelly to get incriminating photographs that might bring the man to his senses so he could change his ways before he lost his lovely family. Whatever the results, Kelly’s appointed task was just beyond the door, and it was time for her to get it over with as painlessly as possible.

Gently she eased the door open, her left hand tightening around the camera in preparation for whatever sight would meet her. A king-size bed dominated the room, but it showed no signs of recent use. The blue velvet spread had been folded invitingly back to reveal four plump, uncreased white-cased pillows. A pair of tan slacks were tossed carelessly across the foot of the bed, and two dark brown shoes peeked out from beneath the spread’s edge. A trail of abandoned socks, a crumpled shirt, and brief, hot pink jockey shorts led the way to the bathroom where the sounds of spraying water and a passable male baritone gurgling “As Time Goes By” told her that the unsuspecting couple were still enjoying their shower.

Kelly couldn’t suppress a grimace of repulsion. It was going to take more than a degree in criminology and. many years of on-the-job experience before she would be able to witness a bedroom scene with any amount of detachment, much less a bathroom orgy. She was beginning to feel more than a little nauseous, probably from a bad case of nerves that was getting worse by the second. Her job would have been a lot quicker and easier if the errant couple had been in bed where they were supposed to be, instead of in the shower like two depraved ducks

She just couldn’t force herself to confront them in the bathroom. She had heard about the bizarre things some couples did in showers, and for a woman who had rarely shared her bathroom with anyone for reasons more personal than brushing her teeth, this was above and beyond the call of duty. She decided not to crowd the small private room any more than it already was.

Instead her gaze continued to sweep the room, efficiently cataloging its contents. Her eyes touched on the open suitcase that sat partially unpacked on the luggage rack, on a massive provincial dresser whose top was littered with the assorted contents of the man’s pockets, and in front of a television set that was either showing an old black-and-white movie or needed to have the color adjusted.

But something about her observation began to bother her. There seemed to be a glaring absence of feminine apparel. Had the woman been so over-whelmed with the man’s charms that she hadn’t even taken time to undress before taking the plunge? As Kelly’s fertile mind expanded on this theory, the sound of running water in the shower stopped, and several minutes later one member of her dedicated surveillance opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom.

A large fluffy bath towel covered his head, completely hiding his face as he briskly rubbed his hair. Kelly’s shocked, but interested, gaze was automatically drawn lower as she admired a pair of broad, well-muscled shoulders and a brawny chest liberally dusted with dark brown hair that followed a slender line down the middle of his flat abdomen before it spread once again around the intimate masculine area that was only partially revealed by the titillating, vigorous dancing of the towel’s ends. Only the teasing points of the oversize cloth as they dipped and weaved made an attempt to hide any part of the man’s magnificently nude anatomy as he continued drying his hair, temporarily unaware that he had an audience. Kelly watched with the perverse fascination of a snake charmer studying a deadly cobra as the towel twitched back and forth, never fully exposing the man’s charms but giving every promise that it could happen at any moment.

“Who the hell are you, and what are you doing in my room?” a deep voice thundered, causing Kelly’s hazel eyes to immediately snap up to the now-uncovered face. A rosy flush of embarrassment stained her cheeks as she struggled to regain her temporarily misplaced power of speech.

Although she had seen a small photograph of Adam Davis before leaving Los Angeles and had been following him at a discreet distance for the last three days, trying to monitor his every move, she had never really gotten a close look at his face until now, and the experience was more pleasant than Kelly had expected. No wonder this man could pick and choose the women he wanted to spend time with and why his faithful wife had pitifully begged Kelly to bring back enough evidence so she could have a handle with which to hold on to her man, if her marriage could indeed be saved. Kelly’s own heart was doing uncharacteristic flip-flops as she watched the interesting play of emotions cross and change the angles and planes that made up one of the most handsome faces she had ever had the displeasure to see.

“I’m a hostess from the club, sir,” Kelly answered, fighting an inward battle with herself to remember the reason she was in this man’s hotel room. She had never felt this incredibly powerful magnetism toward any man during all of her twenty-six years, but apparently she wasn’t the only woman afflicted with this strange disease. His womanizing was, after all, the very root of the problem she had been hired to document. Maybe if he would leave some of his charm at home, he wouldn’t be tempted to spread it around so liberally. Courageously she matched him stare for stare. “The hotel has sent you this complimentary bottle of champagne.” She spoke with renewed calm as her deceptively honest expression masked the disgust she felt for this two-timer, this scum who could so casually cheat on his lovely wife. She sincerely hoped that he and his date choked on it later.

“Don’t you think it’s a little late for deliveries?” he asked suspiciously as he glanced at the alarm clock on the nightstand. Nonchalantly, as if it were not at all unusual for a strange woman to witness his nude body after a shower, he slid the towel down and wrapped it securely around his waist. Oddly enough, his unsettling blue eyes had so captured her own eyes that they had not strayed from his face since he had spoken. Hearing no response from her, he continued. “Not to mention the fact that I’m leaving early in the morning and won’t have an opportunity to properly enjoy this champagne.” He stepped close enough to read the label. “The Dodgers didn’t do badly that year, but I’m afraid it wasn’t a prime one for wine,” he commented wryly before demanding, “Why didn’t the hotel send me this gift when I first arrived?”

He was standing so close to her that the tangy, clean smell of him assaulted her already vulnerable senses. “This week we’ve been very busy with four conventions.” She blurted out her preplanned explanation. “But as soon as we discovered our oversight, I was sent up here with your champagne and an apology from the management.”

“Which still doesn’t explain how you got through a locked door and into my bedroom.”

“I knocked several times, but you must have still been in the shower and couldn’t hear me,” she lied without hesitation. This was the sort of reaction she had been expecting, so her answers were ready. “I didn’t think anyone was here, so I let myself in with my master key. I was just going to put this on your dresser, then leave.”

After he had listened to her explanation he studied her silently for several minutes, his head tilted slightly to one side. Long, well-shaped fingers combed through his thick hair, which was almost black from its glossy wetness. Kelly watched, bewitched, as the expression in his light blue eyes changed from hostility to amused curiosity. They slowly and thoroughly raked her scantily clad figure, caressing each of her long bare limbs. After several nerve-racking moments, his lips curved into a captivating smile, revealing a deep masculine dimple carved into each cheek.

“It was Mark, right?” he guessed.

“Mark what?” she asked, perplexed by this new line of questioning.

“I should have known you were an actress. That was really good.” He chuckled as he congratulated her. “As you already know, it isn’t ‘Mark what,’ but ‘Mark who,’ as in Mark Cameron. He sent you here as a joke, didn’t he?” He took another step toward her.

Kelly had played “chicken” and won against the best of them, but this time she found herself retreating as quickly as he was advancing. “I don’t know anyone named Mark Cameron and haven’t the faintest idea what you are talking about.” She stalled as she felt the curved edge of the dresser bite into her buttocks, effectively halting her escape.

“The game is over, so you might as well tell me the truth. Mark and I have been having this sort of contest since high school.” His voice was hypnotically smooth as he continued what he felt was an unnecessary explanation. “We are always trying to best each other’s practical jokes, and I guess he felt like he owed me one.” His hands reached out, took the forgotten urn from her weak grasp, and set it down on the dresser top. “I have to admit that at least this time his taste has improved. But maybe I shouldn’t send back his little surprise without checking it out completely. The gift wrapping is very, very nice,” His voice had deepened to a husky whisper as his index finger lightly traced the gathered edge of her plunging neckline.

Although he had barely brushed the soft hills of her bosom, a tingle of excitement raced wildly through Kelly, starting at the invisible line of his touch and spreading downward. He was much too close to her now, his height towering over her, making her five-foot six-inch frame seem short in comparison. Her mouth was open to protest, but oddly no words came out. A small noise that sounded curiously like a sigh escaped her lips just seconds before his dark head bent and his mouth captured hers, demanding full surrender. All coherent thoughts fled her befuddled brain as a wild, indescribable pain seared through her body, settling in a dull ache in the most improbable places. The staccato roar of her heart pounded in her ears as his mouth continued its sensual assault, leaving her moist lips eager for more.

One large hand supported the back of her neck as his fingers spread into the silky depths of her sienna-brown hair, which tumbled in long, loose curls well past her shoulders, while his other hand roamed in lazy circles around her back, leaving heated trails along her sensitive skin through the thin material of her blouse.

“How far did Mark pay you to go? I’m willing to up the ante if he was, as usual, a cheapskate. The one thing I would never want to pinch with you is pennies.” He breathed into her ear, and although she could tell he was teasing her, the insulting insinuation of his words jolted her back to sanity.

Kelly ducked away, trying to escape before his kisses completely clouded her sense of responsibility and morality, but his unyielding arms effectively held her against him. She leaned as far back as possible, scrambling for freedom. Her searching hand closed around the neck of the thoroughly chilled bottle of champagne, and for a fleeting moment she entertained the thought of christening his dark head, but the unexplainable urge to make love to this man rather than wound him frightened her and made her even more frantic to get away immediately.

“Here,” she gasped, thrusting the frosted bottle against his unclothed abdomen. “Have some champagne and cool off, Romeo.”

His shocked body automatically arched away from her as soon as the bottle touched his flesh, and his hands released their hold on her in a reflex to catch the champagne before it hit the floor. His breath had left him in an audible whoosh, and he could only sputter his surprise.

Kelly took advantage of his discomfort and sprinted for the door. However, she couldn’t resist one last parting shot. “You can forget the tip. This one’s on me.”

I hope you enjoyed this sample from my book.  All of my romance novels are available individually as eBooks on amazon and they have also been republished as Romance Collections with similar books in their original full length and unabridged.  The Romance Collections are at a reduced price and available by going to http://astore.amazon.com/nightwriter93-20

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Recent books:


Life's What Happens is a New Adult Romance for ages 18 to 25 and beyond.

Life’s What Happens is a New Adult Romance for ages 18 to 25 and beyond.

Romantic Suspense series:           After Midnight, a Denver After Dark Suspense      Book #1

What started as a routine contact stop turned into a brutal double homicide.  Hooker to lover or low-life to no-life. It’s all in his hands.

Young Adult Mystery series:          OMG, A CUL8RTM Time Travel Mystery      Book #1

Albert Einstein said about time travel “People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

Young Adult Mystery series:         BRB, A CUL8RTM Time Travel Mystery     Book #2

It’s difficult to investigate a crime that hasn’t happened yet.


New Adult Romance:                   LIFE’S WHAT HAPPENS

How did one night change over a million lives of new adults forever?

TUTORIAL: OMG = Oh My God, BRB = BE Right Back

All four books are available on Amazon at http://astore.amazon.com/nightwriter93-20

Additional details on the CUL8RTM time travel series is at http://www.cul8rseries.com

2013 Awards

After Midnight, a Denver After Dark Suspense 

First place in the Best Indie Book of 2013 for suspense
Finalist in the Reader’s Choice 2013 Award  for young adult [9/1 final decision

OMG, A C CUL8RTM Time Travel Mystery

First place in the Best Indie Book of 2013 for young adult

     Finalist in the Beverly Hills Book 2013 Awards for young adult

BRB, A CUL8RTM Time Travel Mystery
     Named finalist in the Reader’s Choice 2013 Award  [9/1 final decision]

Life’s What Happens
Finalist in the Best Indie Book of 2013 for literature

TUTORIAL: BION =Believe It Or Not


BION eBook 1

BION, A CUL8RTM Time Travel Mystery [Bob Kat]Estimate a July 28, 2013 release
Cries In The Night, a Denver After Dark Suspense [Kathy Clark]Estimate a October 1, 2013 release
Scandals, a New Adult Romantic Suspense [Kathy Clark]Set in Austin, Texas
Estimate a December 1, 2013 release

Check the progress on this blog or Kathy’s website at http://www.nightwriter93.com



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