It had to be this way

Okay…the strategy of a career relaunch after a few years away voluntarily, was to finally make the genre switch away form romance novels and dive into the adult suspense (The Denver After Dark Series), young adult (The CUL8R Time Travel Mystery Series and new adult genres (A New series coming out this fall called Scandals).

To facilitate this Kathy’s back list of 20 books were converted to eBooks and recovered to update along with any content that was time dependent.  But we decided to not grace the books with the usual romance book type covers.

Why would we do this?  No idea.

What have we done now?  We are recovering the 8 slowest sellers with modern day romance covers.  We’ll just admit that was Kathy’s roots, the reason she was a NY Times best selling and USA Today recommended author and who sold over 3 million books on the planet.

So here are the covers.  I hope they say better what’s inside.

BORN TO BE WILD 062313 amazonCOLD FEET WARM HEART 062313 amazon RISKY BUSINESS 062313 amazon STARRY NIGHTS 062313 amazonSTROKE OF MIDNIGHT 062113 amazonTEMPTING FATE 062313


And course we updated the ROMANCE COLLECTIONS affected…

COLLECTIONS Romantic Comedy amazonCOLLECTIONS Go For Your Dreams amazonCOLLECTIONS Unexpected ConsequencesCOLLECTIONS Nashville Nights Texas Days







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