A New Adult Romance Novel Discovered!

With all the discussions about the New Adult genre I thought that a writer named Phil Stern probably cleared up the difference between the young adult and new adult genres.

“Young Adult literature is defined by characters who are too young to legally have sex.  The lead character is often an annoying, goody-two-shoes young chick who has an oddly 1950-ish view of sexuality.  She doesn’t [expletive] herself, yet understands that everyone else is [expletive].  Occasionally this confuses her, but in a good way.”

“New Adult literature is defined by characters who are old enough to legally have sex. However, they’ve all lost their parents in car wrecks or plane crashes, feel highly alienated from the universe, and [expletive] like rabbits when they meet the right guy.”

We discovered the other night at a meeting with a lot of romance writers, the know how to boil it down.  The new adult genre has nipples and the young adult does not.  [Referring to the girls that is.]

Now that the demand for New Adult books, stories about the 18 to 25 age group, has surged in the past six months, it occurred to some of our readers that our novel Life’s What Happens, that had received many amazing reviews and a few awards is actually a New Adult Romance set in 1969 – 70.  Life’s What Happens’ issues, obstacles and relationships are so contemporary and relevant that it perfectly fits this exciting new genre.

Life's What Happens REVISED COVER - Copy

So it became important to let everyone know about this new adult genre romance, Life’s What Happens.

Here’s the blurb…

He is too young to drink (legally) but not too young to die.  Don Williams is a senior at Kent State University and lives in an off-campus fraternity house.  He and his girlfriend Lisa are making plans for their future after graduation when suddenly, it’s all taken away.  His career, his freedom of choice and even his fraternity brothers who have become his family.

Life’s What Happens when you mix the hormone-fueled emotions of youth who have left home to experience the mind, mood and physical freedoms of college life with the cultural and political changes of the late 1960’s.  For the brothers of Phi Psi Kappa fraternity their biggest worries should have been how to pass their classes with the least amount of studying and the greatest amount of partying and girls.  Instead, they are faced with the life-and-death decision of whether they should face their fates head-on, change their plans or just run away.

It is about the year they turned from boys to men, and where their choices took them as they were forced to come of age on someone else’s terms.

Find it on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/LIFES-WHAT-HAPPENS-ebook/dp/B00A14STPS/

To get you motivated here’s the trailer.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDTibRqRL4o


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