The war and the love continues…and its FREE! PLUS We have a summer of free reading by NYT Best Selling Author Kathy Clark

We’re underway with the give away of the second book, Phantom Angel. We’d appreciate if you would leave a review for last weekend’s free book #1, Kissed By An Angel on Amazon. The series is all about veterans and immerses the reader in the hardship and heartbreak of war as it relates to these relationships before during ad after..

For the next two weeks, every Thursday through Monday, the last of Kathy Clark’s Angel Series will be free on With 1st edition sales of over 350,000, this three weekend give away is a great way to introduce readers to or reacquaint you with NYT best-selling author Kathy Clark.

Book #2 is Phantom Angel will be free from 5/23 through 5/27 at on Amazon. With the backdrop of the war he shouldn’t have survived. . . not the crash landing in the Vietnamese jungle nor the years of backbreaking labor. But the painfully thin man with the arresting blue eyes had paid a high price for survival. The man Melora Delaney faced across a rice paddy, the man she was to bring back to America, had lost his youth and his memory. As a psychologist she couldn’t restore Bo’s lost years, but she could help him begin life again. She planned two months of intensive work with her patient. But then she came to know the man, who existence was a miracle of strength and will. When the time came … and it would … would she be able to let him go?
• Book #2 was a finalist in the Romance Writers of America Golden Choice Award.


Angel of Mercy will be free between 5/30 thru 6/3 on Amazon at What do you do when the choice you made was the wrong one? During the war, Jeff Hawkins’s tenderness had been nurse Angela’s sanctuary from the horrors of Vietnam, and his passion had been their salvation. But Jeff had been wounded long before a bullet brought him to the EVAC hospital. Fearless, with nothing to lose, Jeff was the kind of soldier to whom they awarded Purple Hearts . . . posthumously. Years later, when he encountered Angela again at a veterans’ reunion, she could no longer pretend that the madness of war had triggered their brief, all-consuming alliance. Could they have a second chance? Or had she forfeited any claim to Jeff’s love when she did the unforgivable . . . married his best friend? Not all wounds are visible . . . and not all wounds can be healed by the soft touch of a nurse’s hands. But Angela knew he was worth fighting for . . . and Jeff was tired of fighting.
This book received –
• The Romantic Times Special Winner of the “ROMANTIC TIMES” Reviewer’s Choice Award for Series Romance
• Finalist in the Romance Writers of America Golden Choice Award.


And we’re not done yet! Do you like country music, the CMAs the TV show Nashville??? Wait until you see the weekend giveaways starting June 6th.

Downtown Nashville at Night

And there is more planned through the summer reading season. And be fore you know it the CUL8R, that’s see you later for the older set, will have a third book to join OMG and BRB…og yeah, that’s Oh My God and Be Right Back.

OMG eBook 3 BRB eBook Cover 2

The teen time travelers head back to the roaring twenties…in BION [Believe It OR Not] in August, 2013…

BION eBook 1

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