New Covers & New Blurbs to Better Match The Award Winning Writing

As many of you know our new Time Travel Mystery Series written for the Young Adult through New Adult ages launched in December, 2012. We were fortunate to win two awards for book #1, OMG in 2013 as follows:

BIB OMG Small Medallion and Beverly Hiss Finalist

Following a successful book giveaway and after seeking feedback on the books we have decided to refresh the covers and to better explain the blurbs on the first two books. So…book #1 is about Kelly, a teenager from Texas has recently been orphaned and sent to live in Florida with her aunt Jane, a busy lawyer. Right away Kelly meets her tall, nerdy neighbor Scott, and they bond over a shared love of a video games and a mysterious gadget they find in Aunt Jane’s garage.

The gadget turns out to be a lost invention of Thomas Edison’s called the “Telephone to the Dead”. The mystery begins when Scott gets the Spirit Radio to work and a girl named Wendy comes through, pleading for help . . . from beyond the grave. Is Wendy a ghost? And if she didn’t kill herself, who did? Kelly, Scott and his best friend Austin must find a way to go back to 1966 to help her . . . without getting killed.

Well plotted and fast paced. Martha Bryce
The best time-travel novel I’ve read yet, and I hope there’s more to come. A big thumbs up! C
WOW! I’ve been thinking about that book for a week now since I finished reading it. It kept me engrossed with intelligent writing, depth of characters and a fast pace. Overall, a very satisfying novel. Jasmine

Look for the new cover – OMG eBook 3

In Book #2, the teen time travelers discover “It’s difficult to investigate a crime that hasn’t happened yet.”

Kelly, Scott, Austin and Zoey have just returned from changing a girl’s life in 1966 and are a little battered and bruised from their adventure. But when a small voice pleads for their help to save her family from a murderer, they know they must respond.

They research the story, but there is very little information to be found. All they know is that it takes place on Crystal Key, a small private island off the Florida Keys. Since it appears to be deserted, they decide to pop in, gather clues, then pop back. It was a good excuse to spend a lazy day on a beautiful beach.

But from the first step, their journey back to 1980 goes horribly wrong. The area is crawling with drug traffickers and tens of thousands of refugees fleeing Cuba. They meet the young girl and her family, but their intervention puts them in the direct path of the killer.

Can they find out who he is in time to save the girl, her family . . . and themselves? Or are they destined to be a madman’s latest victims?

“It’s an exciting mystery with plenty of surprises to keep you guessing.” Danielle Marie

“The “CUL8R” series stands out and shines as something unique that manages to mix fantasy with realistic characters and situations.” Erica Lucas

“I literally could not put this book down.” K. J. Pierce

We kept the poor girl but gave her the doorway to the past and back again as time passes by on our new cover with – BRB eBook Cover 2

Finally, book #3 is coming along wonderfully! A one week trip to the Fort Myers Beach area and to the Circus Hall of Fame and to visit our new firend Jackie, a retired clown with Ringling Brothers, has added a lot of great facts and details to this book. It will be published in August, 2013 and we hope you like the cover…BION eBook 1

Looking to read the books?

Find eBooks or paperback on Amazon at these links…




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