Paper to Pixels; A Writer’s Journey

I don’t have the facts at my fingertips for the literature scene in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s but today, well over 95% of indie books released will never sell more than $50,000 total in the next 100 years. This isn’t indie publishing it is direct publishing. Based on the quality of the books found on the internet today, and including some of the bestselling books like 50 shades as a [prime example, it is clear that well over half the books reaching your screen or eReader today saw no human touch between the author and your eyes. Gone are all the editors, readers, beta readers, proof readers, line editors, formatters and others. On the other hand it is probably safe to assume that the a much higher proportion of the reading public don’t know what’s right and wrong so maybe that’s another feature of direct publishing that isn’t important.

Today, blogging is an important building block for an author to either become good at or become frequently mentioned in. According to one source, there are more than 150 million blogs and most of these blogs get less than 1,000 visitors per month. In the world of publishing and for lack of a better word, the vast majority of these blogs are failures. With our young adult time travel series CUL8R, seen at , we have over a dozen blogs lined up to review and promote the series. These bloggers came to this conclusion by review and experience.

So with the first item, the writing, editing and creative portion of writing a successful book series firmly in the capable hands of my wife, Kathy Clark, I will work on the blog. Her accomplishment, past and present, can be seen on her author’s page and on the website for the time travel mystery series CUL8R at, this blog will be focusing on blogs and more specifically how to break through the market ceilings on our two book series.

My job will be to first avoid the causes of blog failures and the paralysis of analysis that comes from being one of the first black belts in the United States in the early 1980’s. If you’re thin king black belts refer to physical capabilities they do not in this blog they refer to world-class statistical talents.
There are three major reasons for the failure of blog sites.

First, too much content has two bad effects. The readers become obese because the blogger creates and then feels compelled to publish too much content. If the blogger is spending their time writing they aren’t spending their time gaining readers and the readers that decided to eat the pudding will grow fat and then die of overload.
Second, the promotion of the website is being done the wrong way.

Third, the blog loses the focus of its intended purpose.

We’ll see how well I do at staying inside these guardrails

With this blog we have book #1 of the CUL8R series, OMG, on the market and receiving amazing reviews. These can be seen on Amazon at with all 5 star reviews! Eventually that will stop…hopefully not.

OMG is also seen on the CUL8R website at Check it out. The first two books are

CUL8R First 2 covers

Reviews on Amazon can be seen at-

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