Paper to Pixels 1.5 – The 7 Rules for Time Travel

This is simply a opportunity before next week’s Paper to Pixels Biweekly blog to pass along the answer to some questions we have gotten.

As several reviewers have mentioned one important element of the time travel process was the establishment of time travel rules. So here they are from OMG.

7 Time Travel Rules. Don’t leave home without them.

Kelly began to read the contract out loud. “We the undersigned do hereby agree to the following time travel rules:
1. We will do nothing during or after our time travel missions that would cause any personal gains, i.e. stock market, collectible toys and comic books.
2. We will not take anything with us not critical to the success of the mission to the past or anything from the past to the present day.
3. We also agree not to change anything of significance that would alter historical events.
4. We agree not to tell anyone that this technology exists or about any of our missions and this includes our family.
5. We will use this technology only to help other people and not for frivolous or personal means.
6. We will interact as little as possible with people from the past so as to not create any suspicion.
7. We will always travel together.



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