Those were the days.

Life's What Happens NEW GIRL>When Bob finally got around after 40 years to answering the question “how would life have been different had there been no Vietnam war draft with its cutting back on the on student deferments and the cutting off of occupational deferments,” I yawned. But as we talked to people young and old there was a very positive reaction to telling the story. When we placed the story at Kent State because that is where Bob went to school the interest went even higher. When the reviews started to come in we were amazed. We either got good to great reviews or people who didn’t want to revisit those days yet as it was still too painful.

This blog is simply to share the trailer we produced for the book last year and to remember the great music, the times and the lives that were changed over 42 years ago.
We hope you enjoy it. Pass it along. The size was too great to add directly into the blog so we left it with YouTube to watch over it.

The link is


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