Time to Kickstart a really important project

OMG EBOOK COVER REVISEDHappy Weekend to you all!

In some cases it’s been a while and others not long enough but in any event I have a legitimate reason to say hello and to make you aware of an important need in all our communities. Kathy and I have spent time considering where we can use our combined talents for the common good and have decided that helping the next generation through a means that will work best for them is what we want to do. As many of you know Kathy has a long and successful career as an author. Believe it or not we have recently listed our newest book, OMG, a CUL8RTMtime travel mystery series, on Kickstarter in order to kick start the launch of the book and series. When I say “we” I’ll leave it up to you to check her main author site’s media page for details http://www.nightwriter93.com/MEDIA__PACKAGE.html

Anyway, Kickstarter in 2012 saw –
• 2,241,475 people back 18,109 creative projects and
• Pledge $319,786,600 toward their completion

Many of the projects you likely have come in contact with as they cover games played at home to award winning independent films. It is really a fascinating concept and since 2009 it has been raising money for creative projects via crowd funding. It’s a revolutionary concept that seems to be pretty effective. You can see what they’ve accomplished at http://www.kickstarter.com/year/2012

But I digress. We have uploaded our young adult time travel series onto the Kickstarter site to seek promotion monies to get it noticed in the teen market place faster and better. The link to our project, what it is about and how you can help a really important need in all of our communities is http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/765303076/promote-cul8r-teen-time-travel-adventure-fiction-s?ref=category . Their site has the book trailer for book #1 in the series, OMG, in case you haven’t seen it.

Hopefully, you’ll make a small pledge [collected by Kickstarter only if the goal is achieved] and you will pass this along to your friends and family. Each backer level has a unique reward for our supporters. Right now we’re a non-profit organization (not by choice), but I don’t think the IRS will allow it to be tax deductible :’). We appreciate your support, both financial and moral. The book’s trailer is on YouTube at http://youtu.be/T4dlWmUi9hM .

As contributions start at $1 at the very least please pass along to others you may know that would like to be a part something worthwhile…time to pay forward.

Many thanks,

Bob and Kathy Wernly

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