Two more points about a real important book series

OMG EBOOK COVER REVISEDTo follow up on the prior blog about why write the YA series and why tis so important I wanted to addtress two more questons from readers I have left unanswered until now.

So why time travel? Why not leave everything set in today’s world? Wouldn’t that be more logical?
That’s a great question. There are three reasons. First, by taking the characters back in time it sets up the proverbial fish out of water scenario that becomes entertaining in itself.
Second, it becomes a form of a history lesson when you realize that there was a time when luggage didn’t have wheels, cell phones didn’t exist, schools didn’t have armed guards and information flowed so slowly that the slower speed of life could become and ally when trying to save a life.
Third, if the meat of the stories were set in the current day the reader would be too easily tempted to visualize the story and plot from their 21st century glasses instead of say 1966 when OMG took place.
Time travel allowed us to take some of today’s most difficult events in a teen’s life and entertain them with real world intellect and skills and set them on course to solve a mystery and accomplish a worthwhile mission in a time before they were born.

You have a bit of paranormal influence in the CUL8R stories. What does that do to help set the stage or move the story along?
A critic could label this series, as Hollywood would say “It’s Back to the Future” meets “90210”. We didn’t want the reason they risked their lives to time travel to 1966 to be so trivial as an accidental time travel event and the second and third act conceived and concerned with avoiding a time travel paradox to save his own future. We wanted to keep the overarching humor of today’s teens dealing with being adults in a time that they only heard of from maybe their grandparents. We used the paranormal influences to make the reason they travel back real, important and worthy of them risking their lives to right the wrong. To make it more believable we involved some of the history and rumors of Thomas Edison who was a winter resident in Fort Myers Florida near where the CUL8R Series takes place.


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