Making up for lost time, blog #3: OMG, a CUL8R Teen Time Travel Adventure Series


Finally, catch up blog #3 is all about Bob Kat’s  new teen time travel suspense series, CUL8RTM.  Book #1, just published is OMG.

OMG is the first book in the CUL8RTM series about four teenagers who travel back in time to solve mysteries.

Four teenagers travel back in time to save a life and solve a mystery.  Will they be successful?  Will they make it back?

OMG begins when Kelly, whose parents died in a car accident, moves from Texas during early summer to live with her Aunt Jane who is an assistant district attorney.  Kelly quickly becomes friends with her quirky next door neighbor Scott who has a reputation as the school’s number one geek.

Scott’s best friend is Austin, the hot and popular quarterback.  Even though he runs with the cool crowd, he has stayed loyal to Scott.  He joins Scott and Kelly as they embark on an adventure after Scott invents a way to travel back in time.

Zoey is on the cheer squad and hangs with the popular kids.  She barely even notices that Scott and Kelly exist, but she is very focused on getting Austin’s attention.

Through a twist of technology, they go back in time to find a girl who has begged for their help.  They solve the mystery, but are then faced with the dilemma of whether or not to right a wrong or to let history stand.  The four end up on the time travel adventure of their lives.

The series is unique in that he creator / authors are conducting a cover model search to find the two lead girls and guys to become the ongoing series faces of the four main characters.  Details on the website and YouTube.

We dedicated an entire website to just this series at .  Book #1, OMG, is on this site, a special FYI page for teen interaction is there as are pictures of the town of Fort Myers Beach, Florida and other things relating to the time travel and the paranormal background.

The trailer for the book is on YouTube at

The Amazon link is



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