Making up for lost time, blog #2: Life’s What Happens

Life's What Happens NEW GIRL

I’ll save everyone the boring reason why we’re blogging about the three new books this fall.  This blog is all about Bob Kat’s 1969 fictionalized story, Life’s What Happens,  about Kent State, the Vietnam draft lottery, the decisions that were made that impacted millions and what happened to them. The review we have received thus far are nothing short of amazing.  What was really unexpected were the number of people who said that after all these years they were unable to bring themselves to read a book about this timer in their lives.

Nine fraternity brothers’ lives are forever changed during their senior year at Kent State University.  They start the year full of hope and promise, busy with their classes, their buddies and their girlfriends.  But the Vietnam draft lottery took away their options and forced them to change their plans.  Instead of choosing a career, they are faced with the choice between life and death.

LIFE’S WHAT HAPPENS is their story, as each is faced with questions much more complicated than any generation past.  It is about the year they turned from boys to men, and where their choices took them.

Here are some of the reviews so far…

“From characters that still your heart to writing styles that will captivate you, this is one awesome read.”

“This story was engaging and extremely moving, at turns both humorous and thought-provoking.”

“Life’s What Happens is a gripping read, with its educational, historical, imaginative and very human ingredients.  Brilliant writing.” 

“Life’s What Happens is a book that everyone will want to read, especially those who remember the tumultuous times of the late 1960’s.”

“Baby boomers and those interested in history will want to soak up the knowledge found within these pages. This is a tale you will not want to miss.”

You’ll find an amazing video trailer on YouTube that will take you back to the day 

and here is the main website

and of course the link to Amazon there is paperback available as well.


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