Making up for lost time, blog #1: After Midnight, a Denver After Dark suspense

The past two months we have been making our way through the process of moving from being traditionally published author to a direct published author with eBooks and paperbacks.  The amount of effort put forth by my publishers and editors over the course of twenty-three novels and through sales of over 3 million in at least eleven languages was somewhat unknown and clearly not experienced.

But with the indy author title comes the realization that publicity campaigns and social media activity falls into our laps going forward.  So to that end for both my new series, Denver After Dark, book #1, After Midnight and with my husband, under the name of Bob Kat for the mainstream fictionalized story set at Kent State in 1969, Life’s What Happens and our new teen time travel suspense series, CUL8R book #1, OMG, we’re catching up on our blogs.

So with this new accountability we’ve been hosting give aways and tweeting and facebooking and blogging and joining others in a whole host of interviews, their blogs and meetings.  In retrospect it is a lot easier than traveling to book signings and conventions even though they were fun.  More later about that.

So, this blog is all about catching up withy the first of the three new books this fall, After Midnight.

What started as a routine contact stop turned into a brutal double homicide.

Officer Sam Morgan has worked for the Denver PD for five years, most of which were spent patrolling the streets around the State Capitol. He’s seen his share of druggies, dealers and hookers, but since some of them were his best sources, he normally wasn’t quick to arrest them.

On a hot June Saturday night, Sam was sharing his patrol car with a ridealong, which could be a blessing or a curse. That particular ridealong was quiet and withdrawn until they came face-to-face with a prostitute and her pimp. Sam stopped to talk to the pair, but when his backup arrived, the atmosphere changed from curious to angry and aggressive. Suddenly, the pimp pulled a gun, and after exchanged gunfire, the other police officer and the pimp are both dead and Sam was seriously wounded. The ride along had saved the day by retrieving a dropped pistol and shooting the pimp before he can get a fatal shot at Sam. In the confusion, the prostitute disappeared into the night.

The ride along, Brian, a reporter for The Denver Post and who wrote a first-hand account of the incident turned out to be his big break.

Kate, the prostitute, wasn’t really a hooker and she knew nothing about the shooting. Sam, wounded to within an inch of his life, didn’t believe her. She was an actress, hired by the dead pimp to be on the streets that night. Within weeks of the funerals her life was threatened and she was being forced out-of-town either through blackmail or a third murder.

Two dead cops, a dead pimp and maybe a third murder with the escalating threats against a willing but ignorant participant at the crime scene. The cop and the actress team up to provide answers to questions they don’t know to ask. Sam’s ability to solve the open and shut case is hampered by his gunshot wounds and his falling for Kate. Hooker to lover or low life to no life. It’s in his hands.

The website is at and a really cool video trailer can be found on YouTube at or you can go straight to Amazon midnight kathy clark&sprefix=after+midnight+kathy+cla,digital-text&rh=n:133140011,k:after midnight kathy clark&ajr=2

The reviews have been amazing too:

After Midnight is smart, edgy and full of interesting characters that not only entertain but show us the dark side of human nature and how the desire for fame and fortune can
lead to venality and a corrupt sense of what is right and wrong.”



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