Part #2 of my last Author iinterview: Tell us about your writing process

The second question answered for the Christmas book promotion author interview was about the writing process used.  Having included for the first time after 24 books a cowriter, my husband Bob, we decided to answer this question from a collaborating writing team.  Hope this helps other writing teams.  We co-write under the name of Bob Kat.

First, Kathy is the trained, educated and professional writer and has had 24 traditionally published books to her credit before she married Bob. Bob has the ability to lay down a reasonable first cut at the story from scratch and isn’t burdened by Kathy’s process which is to write the nearly final draft the first time. With that said the process is as follows.

First, they each contribute to the different ideas of the story and spend a fair amount of time working through the plot, plot points, characters, back stories and what if scenarios.

Second, Kathy outlines what she expects to see in each chapter at a fairly high level.  Any key plot points are highlighted and anything critical to the character’s development is also shown.  They use this time to make sure the human strengths and frailties are thoroughly flushed out.

Third, Bob writes the first draft checking with Kathy as the characters and situations don’t always happen as planned once the story is flushed out. People will for the most part be people given their character, the situation and other factors.  So their “natural” reactions don’t always go the direction that was contemplated at the start.

Fourth is where the magic happens, Kathy edits and polishes and rewrites one time to completion. At that point it is given to a number of beta readers who help find the flaws in logic, characters and just plain typos and punctuation.

This process was followed on our first two books.  Life’s What Happens is a contemporary fiction set in current day with college students following up on what’s happened since they were together at Kent State May 4th 1970 and how their lives were changed because of the December 1, 1969 Viet Nam war draft lottery.  THis book continues to receive excellent 4 and 5 start reviews.  The second book is the first of the CUL8R teen time travel adventure titled OMG.  The series centers around teens dealing with contemporary serious and in some cases life threatening issues except they travel to the past to dea lwith the issues ina  time before they were even born.

Life's What Happens NEW GIRL  OMG COVER NEW eBook


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