Author Interviews

My early author life as just Kathy Clark reader interaction were well planned events like writer’s meetings, book signings and meet and greets set up by the publisher.  Today, getting closer to fans and readers is as easy as hitting the enter key.  So I thought I’d leave a few thoughts about a recent author interview held over our Christmas give away on Amazon.

What inspires you to write?

We’ll answer that in terms of our young adult series which is where we will be focusing our energy and time.
We have been shocked by the number of teens we’ve heard of in both our community and during the last few years publicized on YouTube, who have taken serious and many even fatal steps to resolve issues in their young lives. It occurred to us that today there really aren’t many books, films and TV shows that depict teens in situations where they can stand out as positive role models, problem solvers and over achievers in difficult situations on a reality level while not following in love with vampires and fighting zombies.

We took this need and made that the underlying theme of the four main characters in our teen time travel. In the book, adding to the difficulty of just overcoming some of today’s most difficult events in a teen’s life is that they must accomplish their mission in a time before they were born. As Hollywood would say “It’s Back to the Future” meets “90210”.


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