New Collaboration

As they say at every football game these days, upon further review my husband Bob and I talked in detail about how to break free of the pre-conceptions brought about by over 3 million in book sales from my 23 previously and traditionally published romance and women’s fiction books that were attached to my name, Kathy Clark.  There’s a lot of Kathy Clarks out there to be sure and while Clark used to help on shelf placement not so much anymore.

So we decided to re-launch our name and books under the name of Bob Kat!  Guess who Bob is… Time’s up.

I had one final suspense with a romantic underpinning, so to speak, in me.  After Midnight is mine.  It is available on Amazon and Smash Words and its connections. for details.

Two books are as a direct result of the combined efffort of Bob and I.  Life’s What Happens and OMG, A CUL8R Time Travel Adventure Series for Young Adults.

You can find Life’s What Happens at .  It has received several amazing reviews.  Because of the nature of the book several people have been uncomfortable with evaluating the book on its merits.  It is a moving saga of an entire generation who were of military draft age in 1969.  Being in the center of the action at Kent State University really adds to the emotions of the readers.  This story has never been put to paper and the feedback is wonderful.

The young adult series, CUL8R, hit the market this month with book #1, OMGOMG is a fast-paced time travel action adventure about four teens who travel back to the past to solve a mystery and save a life but end up risking their own.

OMG begins when Kelly moves to Fort Myers Beach, Florida to live with her aunt and finds hidden treasures and secrets.  She quickly becomes friends with her quirky next door neighbor Scott who has a reputation as the school’s number one geek.  Scott’s best friend is Austin, the hot and popular quarterback.  He joins Scott and Kelly as they embark on an adventure after Scott invents a way to travel back in time to find a girl who has begged for their help.  They solve the mystery, but are then faced with the dilemma of whether or not to right a wrong or to let history stand.  The four end up on the time travel adventure of their lives.

The reviews have also been amazing.  Young adults have reacted very favorably toward the book and series and that’s not just the fact they can win a cover model role for the series going forward.  Check out the YouTube on this part of the series.

New York Time bestselling author Kathy Clark has struck gold with a heartfelt saga about four teens who not only are thrust into adulthood ahead of their time but they have to figure out how to solve problems and survive in a different time in the past”


2 thoughts on “New Collaboration

  1. I just started Life’s What Happens which has a lot of promise. However, there is a major, glaring error at the beginning. The students were removed from Kent State under Martial Law, NOT Marshall Law. That is a really big error that I recommend you fix immediately. Good luck!

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