OMG (Really…Actually…I did it!)

Last blog I talked about genre jumping. WTF, I’ve taken the biggest leap possible!  This blog is about exactly where I landed after I jumped.  It’s where we should be because what it’s about is important.  It’s very unique in that no author has ever involved their readers like we have. It’s entertaining because young adults traveling back in time are interesting.

My husband and I wrote and just released OMG which is book #1 in the CUL8R series.  It is a suspense time travel with paranormal elements for young adults.  Of course, our number one goal was to make it entertaining, but we also believed it was important that it be relevant.  To achieve both of those things, we have involved young adults in both its creation and on-going storylines. 

First, the motivation for our characters’ time travel was taken from the pages of today’s young adults’ struggles and headlines.   From eating disorders, teen suicide, bullying, runaways, abuse, sexual harassment and drugs, the four protagonists are launched into their journey to the past with the help of Thomas Edison, trying to solve a mystery and perhaps right a wrong.

Second, with the launch of the first book, OMG on Amazon November 29th, we are conducting an on-going contest to find young adults who want to appear on the covers of the print and eBook versions. We will re-release OMG with the winners of the contest.  The covers for all the books will depict Kelly, Scott, Austin and Zoey. In OMG a fifth teenager, Wendy, will also be selected from the entrants but will not be an ongoing character. The contest ends March 31, 2013.

Third, we are implementing an advisory board of young fans to provide input into everything from the music selection for the book’s trailer to young adult issues needing attention.  The OMG trailer is at OMG is on YouTube at

Together we’ve written and published 25 novels, mostly in the suspense, mainstream and contemporary women’s genres.  However, we have discovered a burning passion to write for young adults.  It’s virtually impossible to insulate young adults from pop culture and the realities of today’s media influences.  Whether the messages come in via Facebook, Twitter, internet, broadcast or cable, the caustic nature of the television and film content most certainly weighs on this age group’s ability to maintain a strong, healthy outlook as they mature into their twenties.  It’s important that they hear a positive message while being entertained.

There are many unique features to this series that will make it awesome! That’s right, awesome!  Really.  Actually, it will be epic!  The series website is


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