Genre Jumping

     I’m sure you’ve all heard the cautionary tale against changing genres.  It’s all true.  Every time you change genres, you’re starting over from scratch.  Those romance readers who loved your books are not shopping in the YA or Mainstream aisle.

     Does that mean you shouldn’t do it?  My thoughts are, you should write what interests you.  If you force yourself to be limited to one genre just because you don’t want to re-invent yourself somewhere else, your writing will show it.  There is a certain freshness and energy about a book that is written because an author is enthusiastic about it.  And it’s my opinion that if you have a wonderful story that is a YA, then write it. 

     That being said, it’s important that you know the genres and understand their specific requirements.  You can’t just write a book without having a genre in mind.  Visualize yourself walking into a bookstore.  On which shelf will your book be?  It has to have a shelf.  It can’t be a book that has no place on the racks, or it will be shuffled aside and lost.  Especially if you’re an unpublished writer, you need to start with a book that will fit.  New writers can’t expect to be discovered if you can’t be categorized. 

       Hopefully, once you’ve gained an audience in one genre, the jump to another won’t be so difficult.  Readers follow writers, but they have to discover them first. 

       Just this year, I’ve written suspense, a mainstream and a YA.  I’m hoping my fans will follow me and new genre-specific readers will discover me.  We’ll see how successful that will be.  I’ll let you know. 

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        After Midnight 

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