You finish writing a book that you believe, in your heart, is right up there with Gone With the Wind or, at the very least, Twilight.  You watch as it either goes on a shelf or is posted on Amazon.com.  And then . . . it just sits there, like a cactus flower in the desert, waiting to be discovered if the roadrunner happens to zip by.  BEEP BEEP

I’ve published both traditionally [23 total] and epub, and right now I’m choosing for all my work to go straight to epub.  Why?  Timing and royalties.  But I’ll talk about that at a later date.  On epub, I have more control.

That means that all publicity must be generated by me.  Yuck, not my specialty.  My husband has been spending hours looking for ways to publicize my work.  We’ve posted notices all over the internet, put up a website, issued press releases and done everything else we can think of.  On some level, it has worked really well.  My old books have, like Lazarus, risen from the dead.

However, my new book AFTER MIDNIGHT, http://www.nightwriter93.com/AFTER_MIDNIGHT.html  which I think is one of the best books I’ve ever written languishes on the e-shelf.  The reviews have been beyond excellent, but it hasn’t broken out like I hoped.

Now, I’ve finished co-writing and editing another book LIFE’S WHAT HAPPENS, http://www.nightwriter93.com/Life_s_What_Happens.php  which is a fictionalized story of a fraternity’s senior year at Kent State University in 1969/1970.  The year starts out with everyone working toward their degrees with their future goals clear and close.  On December 1, 1969, the government decided to hold the first Vietnam draft lottery.  On that evening everyone’s lives changed.  Those guys who had low numbers knew that the day they graduated, they would be reclassified 1A and quickly shipped off to boot camp and then Vietnam.  Those guys with middle numbers were in limbo, unsure whether or not to go forward with their plans, knowing they could be drafted at any moment.  This affected almost a million of America’s best and brightest young men, plus their girlfriends, fiancées and parents.  The fraternity brothers are forced to re-evaluate their choices and sometimes drastically change their plans to stay alive.  Then, in the spring of 1970, the militants stirred the students into riots and rallies, ending in the infamous shooting by the National Guard. It’s a great story that pulls you in and never lets go.

We’ve thought of another way to introduce these books to an audience.  I’ve made mini-trailers for both of these and posted them on YouTube.  I can’t think of a better way to illustrate the heart and soul of a novel than through photos and the music of the day.

Hopefully, the roadrunner will stop and smell the flowers.

Check out AFTER MIDNIGHT at http://youtu.be/bf-wV4JXydA

And LIFE’S WHAT HAPPENS at http://youtu.be/DQBnqNNNHUE



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