MY 24th Book After Midnight

When I begin to think about the series Denver After Dark, I was inspired by the movie The Sixth Sense because of its in-your-face presentation of all the facts you need to solve the mystery and yet you didn’t guess the ending. My dad was a fireman and both of my grandfathers were policeman so I’ve always looked on these professions as the true heroes. I wanted to write series centered on them. After Midnight is the first book of three in the series and it was released on September 18, 2012 on for the Kindle.  It is a suspense and the story is as follows.

What started as a routine contact stop turned into a brutal double homicide.

Officer Sam Morgan had worked for the Denver PD for five years, most of which were spent patrolling the streets around the State Capitol.  He’s seen his share of druggies, dealers and hookers, but since some of them were his best sources, he normally wasn’t quick to arrest them.

On a hot June Saturday night, Sam was sharing his patrol car with a ride along, which could be a blessing or a curse.  Things went smoothly until they came face-to-face with a prostitute and her pimp.  Sam stopped to talk to the pair, but when his backup arrived, the atmosphere changed from curious to angry and aggressive.  Suddenly, the pimp pulled a gun, and after exchanged gunfire, the other police officer and the pimp were both dead and Sam was seriously wounded.  The ride along had saved the day by retrieving a dropped pistol and shooting the pimp before he can get a fatal shot at Sam.  In the confusion, the prostitute disappeared into the night.

The ride along, Brian, a reporter for The Denver Post writes a compelling first-hand account of the incident which turns out to be his big break.

Kate, the prostitute, tried to convince Sam, as he recovers from his wounds that she isn’t a really a prostitute, but he didn’t believe her.  She tells him she’s an actress, hired by the dead pimp to be on the streets that night for the filming of a TV show.  As the weeks pass and it becomes clear that someone is out to either frighten her enough to leave Denver or to kill her, Sam begins to believe her story.

Joining together, the cop and the actress uncover many inconsistencies and even more suspects.  Along the way, they also discover a sexual attraction that quickly turns into even more than either of them had bargained for.

As they get closer to the truth, the threat escalates until Kate finds herself fighting for her life.  It’s up to Sam to save her, but will he be in time?

Hooker to lover or low-life to no-life.   It’s all in his hands.

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