National Read a Book Day is on September 6th this year.  Who knew?

How sad that we should have only one day dedicated to reading books.  I’ve always loved books and had read almost every book in the junior high library by the time I moved on to high school.  Since then life kind of got in the way, and I was too exhausted with kids, work and running a household.

But lucky me.  My kids are grown.  My husband is also a writer, and we just closed our business.  My spare time is spent reading and writing and writing and reading.  Oh, and a movie and trivia night almost every week.

I feel very sorry for people who don’t love to read.  You and I know how much they’re missing.  But if it takes an official day to get them to pick up a book, then bravo.

I’ve never really self-promoted myself in these blogs, but for National Book Day, what better time.  My latest book After Midnight is almost finished and should be available in late September or early October.  It’s very different from my others in that it’s suspense, stronger, edgier and mainstream.  But I’m very proud of my already published books, and I’d like you to become acquainted with some of my favorite characters.

  • If you like hot and sexy, then check out Cody’s Last Stand.  It also has one of my favorite covers.
  • If you prefer funny, then take a look at Goodbye, Desperado, Teacher’s Pet, Count Your Blessings, A Private Affair, Born to be Wild, Risky Business, Tempting Fate and several others.
  • Light suspense – Sight Unseen
  • Cinderella Stories – Stroke of Midnight
  • Baby Themes – Sweet Anticipation, Starting Over and Passion and Possession
  • Twins – Another Sunny Day and Golden Days 
  • Amnesia – Phantom Angel
  • Good old heart-wrenching romances that will bring a tear to your eyes and a lump in your throat – Angel of Mercy, Kissed by An Angel and Starry Nights

During the course of reformatting my books for Kindle and eBooks, I had to reread them closely because, for some reason, the copies contained many spelling and punctuation errors.  I caught hundreds of mistakes, and I apologize for any that I missed.

But what struck me while reading 21 of my books back to back was how much I had missed my characters.  It sounds crazy to those of you who aren’t writers, but we create the people to populate our imaginary worlds.  We give them physical traits, personalities, habits and backgrounds.  About halfway through all my books, the characters take over and start telling me what’s happening next.  (I’ll explain more about that in a later blog.)

Bottom line is, I fall in love with my characters.  They’re people I’d really like to know and hang out with.  Getting reacquainted with them was both fun and melancholic because I hated to let them go again.

So pick up a book or two or three on National Book Day.  I hope at least one of them is one of mine.  Fall in love and laugh or cry with people I’m very fond of and would love to introduce to you.  Enjoy!  Find me at


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