Why type? Engage your readers when on line

Writer’s write for any number of reasons but the primary reason for most writers is to make money.  And we all know about the basic tools used for that purpose be they self-published, traditionally published of like myself moving from traditionally published after over twenty novels to self-published.

Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, personal websites and on line advertising are the core of nearly every successful writer’s marketing program. Of course there are still author signings but they have also been digitized as the numbers of author signing venues have decreased by the 1,000s since 1980.

As the world moves mobile and people type less using features like their phone scanner and QR codes. Standard readers on nearly every cell phone sold in the past two years, are a way to make your on line presence more engaging and easier to use.  The books and any web page on your site can be accessed by scanning the QR code.  Here is one QR code I recently used talking to a reviewer about my next book.

                       Suspense Novels


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